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  • Rooster COVID-19 Report

    @KHilgendorf i get it. I’m just seeing lots of “I got sent home with pay” or “I’m working from home but nobody expects anything from me”
    Meanwhile I’m like “I’ve worked 40 hours this week and it’s only Wednesday and I’m on call through the weekend too.”
    Before I worked in IT, I did hurricane responses that were more chill than the past 3 days have been.
    Aaron Webstey
  • Vaporflys - Are they legit?

    It was too good to be true :'( got an email saying they weren’t available after all.
    @bbculp I am just trying to put to use what the good taxpayers paid for.
    And @M_Ware that sounds awful. I’m plenty familiar with the fact that while my shoe selection is pretty reduced as a 14/sometimes 15, it almost always appears that 15 is the absolute highest size in most shoes. Woof.
  • Savage Takedowns

    Savage takedown of myself. We would also accept “pro triathlete”

    M_WareKenElPescadoPeladoAaron WebsteyGasBombCraig_DRobert Rankinmaggieruyournotunique
  • Racist drama in my small town

    @KHilgendorf people flew the Confederate flag where I grew up in New Jersey. Mom and Dad commuted to Philly or New York, yet here these 17 year olds are driving lifted pickups with giant flags off the back. It was a weird place.

    Meanwhile, there’s actually a house near me in Colorado that has a rainbow flag and a Confederate flag out front. While I realize they are separate issues, I struggle to understand the logic. Part of you says that people should be allowed to love and marry whomever they want, but the other part of you says people should be allowed to own other human beings.
  • Post a picture or .gif that sums up your last workout

    Returned to sender
    Tad_MAaron WebsteyKenElPescadoPeladoMattMartin
  • Post a picture or .gif that sums up your last workout

    That 300m swim at MLT Vail Valley was...ummm...aggressive

    M_WareTad_MAaron Webstey
  • Oh Canada

    Canada, I’m currently upset with you because the wait at the border is like over an hour right now.
    Let’s not blame the fact that I have but lost a NEXUS card, or somehow tie it to current events regarding the US and immigration.
    Damnit I should have just flown to Victoria or at least Vancouver
    UPDATE I’ve made it into your country and have made my first Tim Hortons stop. No longer upset with Canada
    M_WareAaron Websteysimonsen77MattCraig_Dkjrunnin
  • BAAW Thread?

    When you’re 6’5” with a long torso, it’s a lot easier to have a huge drop.
    And yea, the steerer was cut a little bit initially, but that’s been on my to-do list for like a solid year
    MattKenElPescadoPeladoM_WareAaron Webstey
  • Post a picture or .gif that sums up your last workout

    This photo is why I DNFed the local cyclocross Tuesday night race at New Belgium Brewing. It doesn't explain why I was in the bottom third of the race when it happened.
    Aaron Websteysimonsen77StruangfyrehaarTad_M
  • Penticton

    That is a good description, but no, I'm not coming anymore. Fear of infection swimming in a lake with stitches, and then I've noticed today my whole left arm is pretty useless, so swimming and riding anything technical would have been problematic regardless of infection risk. Oh well.
    Aaron WebsteyM_WareTad_MkjrunninHSeeley14

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