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  • Is Triathlon still your main focus

    For me: yes but less than it was.
    I took about half of 2019 off of triathlon after some disappointing results and did some trail running.
    I was pretty geared up for 2020 and kept some motivation early through covid, but that waned and I shifted again to playing trail runner, trying and failing at an FKT on a section of the Appalachian Trail.
    2021 I just wanted to get back to racing and probably overdid it in the first part of the year, especially given the pool access and therefore swim fitness issues I had, though some downtime helped cure that for a good push for later in the year. I also went and tried that same FKT and failed again.
    …all this to say I think I can and will swim, bike, and run year round, but I can only give a truly focused effort for maybe half the year anymore, aimed at a couple of races. I may take the other parts of the year to go trail run, big gravel/MTB riding, or just be able to do active adventuring things like backcountry skiing or packrafting that take me off the grid and away from hitting green squares in Training Peaks for days on end. I generally plan to keep my elite license for as long as I can reasonably maintain it. That might be this year or it might be in 10 years, but I don’t see myself going and racing more than maybe 1-2 high profile races a year going forward.

    James LangeAaron WebsteyTad_MM_WareMattStruangCraig_D
  • You favorite athletic podcasts?

    With “regularity” (I listen to these mostly as they come out):
    NPR Up First
    WSJ What’s News (has a morning and evening episode every weekday)
    NPR Consider this
    (^^ these three make up the bulk of my news consumption)
    Inside Appalachia (WVU’s NPR produces this but it’s not just WV stuff)

    For longer drives, very chill trainer rides/treadmill runs:
    The Dollop
    Last Podcast on the Left
    Stuff You Should Know
    Other random NPR podcasts that they throw into the Up First feed as guest episodes from time to time
    World Triathlon podcast is pretty decent if the interviewee is somebody I’d like to hear from, like Ian O’Brien
    Then if I’m feeling really nerdy I’ve been known to just seek out an episode on a specific topic like a few weeks ago when I had a 3h drive I found a very random podcast explaining the collapse of Yugoslavia because I was annoyed that I didn’t immediately have a good understanding of how that happened

    Aaron WebsteyTad_MM_Ware
  • iOS phone app - CODER HERE?

    Hey you got me after only like 2 weeks after you were looking.
    I’ve managed the project of developing a couple of mobile apps in my real job, but never wrote a line of code myself. So if you need somebody to repeatedly ask for more time and money to deliver what you wanted, I’m your guy.

    kjrunninM_WarewchevronTad_MAaron WebsteyStruangMartinCraig_D
  • Collins Cup Fantasy

    Looking at it, I realize I didn’t pick a single USA athlete to win, and only one International. I know the euros are strong but eesh

  • Tokyo Triathlon Fantasy

    @wchevron I want Katie to win as an actual favorite, but she was too expensive as a long shot. Meanwhile, Javier was a bargain
    I would be extremely surprised if Hayes ended up on the podium, but she’s got a great run if it all comes together and could get some good placing at least, and she was also very cheap

    This is a nice throwback to the heyday of TRS/TriRoost fantasy when my chip fell off on the dive start at NYC Tri and I couldn’t earn anybody any points for a fast T2.

    Aaron Webstey
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    @M_Ware said:
    Soooo, @idking90 is in Alabama racing with Starky and Eric Lagerstrom among others tomorrow. This feels like it deserves some discussion.

    Only a month and a half later seeing this, thanks.

    Yeah, it was very cool. It’s always welcome to see accomplished road triathletes come over to XTERRA, but especially on a course like Alabama that is at least one of the more skill-based courses left compared to the crazy climbing courses.
    Eric swims very, very fast as I learned 30m into it when I lost his feet.

    StruangM_WareAaron WebsteyTad_M
  • BAAW Thread?

    When your crypto portfolio 🚀 🚀

    MartinCraig_DM_WareStruangAaron WebsteyKenElPescadoPeladoMatt
  • Let's See Your Critters

    Mylo and I went camping and hiking out in Dolly Sods Wilderness several weeks ago. Here he is with the rhododendron, WV state flower

    M_WareTad_MAaron WebsteyJennifer PostStruangMattKenElPescadoPelado
  • Let's See Your Critters

    Definitely not his favorite deputy at the time this photo was taken.
    M_WareTad_MAaron WebsteyCraig_D
  • Let's See Your Critters

    I officially adopted and renamed Mylo about a month ago. His DNA is out for testing now, but it’s going to come back saying he’s 100% sweetheart.
    Tad_MJennifer PostM_WareStruangAaron WebsteyA_drizzleMattCraig_Dkjrunnin

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