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  • Pool Excitement

    I can't imagine wanting to wear something like that in public, but I really don't understand what would possess a grown man to fucking tattletale to the lifeguard or police about it. Imagine being so full of yourself that you don't see the irony in walking up to someone whose clothes you don't like and saying "hey bro you're being so inappropriate up in here!".

    People are the worst. You people are the best.

  • Tokyo Triathlon Fantasy

    I'm in!! As a sworry for missing a July challenge, winner gets $25usd in Bitcoin. About .00073 BTC

  • Sworry Trials 2021 - show us your photos!!

    Show us your photos please!! It's killing me not being there. Next year, by God, I will make it.

    Roosters, check out the Facebook group for group-only posts:

  • Amazon links are (edit: not) back!

    Never mind, the bunch of dickbags killed my account again. Sworry.
  • Anyone racing?

    Tweaked something in my back a few months ago and still haven't fully recovered. It went back and forth getting better and worse, then a swim one day completely f'd it up. Some kind of irritated nerve sheath with possible slight irritation of a disc (hoping to get time to see my NP soon to make sure). I've been walking - WALKING - for exercise, and trying to do modified versions of the workout videos my wife and I had really been enjoying doing together. Can't run, can't swim, and haven't had time to squeeze in any riding due to new job keeping me too busy (plus, laziness).

    Very much hoping to get recovered soon so I can start fat-guy-running again. Been trying to sleep and eat a bit better, and cut the booze, to drop a few lbs and help the whole process. It is not going great :)
  • PTO Daytona

    @Jennifer Post I am trash at trash talking, but I have kind of enjoyed Pearson's since it's been almost cartoonish and over the top given his short history in the sport.

    So very sworry to have missed this race. As you may have noticed, I've been too busy with work lately to be online as much.
    Tad_MJennifer Post
  • Fantasy Cycling 2020

    I'm on vacation and forgot to pick. Shit
  • Wanted: Nintendo Switch

    Sold out everywhere. No stock predicted till June. Wanted to surprise the kids for their bday June 24. Anyone?
  • Merry Xmas from Amazon

    Effective immediately, TriRoost has been deleted from the Amazon Affiliates program, for reasons that are unclear, without further explanation other than what you see below. #EAD , Amazon Affiliates.

    Users: do not use the TriRoost affiliate link. "Related Products" links have been removed. Remaining banner ads are Google Adwords and are OK to click.

    To paraphrase Céline, our site will go on. There are still ways to pay the bills. But I know everyone liked using the TriRoost Amazon links, especially over the holidays, and I will miss the outpouring of support that has been shown as you have made me a part of your seasonal consumerism over the years.

    Obviously, nobody is going to stop using Amazon. I know I'm not. My suggestion would be to use DC Rainmaker's links (I'm not going to link to his site lest he be sullied by my bad name). He's helped us all at some point.

    Thanks to our current Patreon patrons ( ), Patreon earnings from the past year and a half or so paid for our 2019/2020 hosting! And if you really want to channel your retail therapy into TriRoost support, feel free to use the following links:

    Wiggle US


    Wiggle UK


    ProBikeKit US/CAN


    CRC UK


  • Rooster Endurance 2020

    We are thinking of doing a repeat jakroo order though

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