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  • The always anticipated 3rd annual TRS Secret Santa thread!

    What I love is the person I am matched with has never posted so I have no clue what to get them. I did stalk their FB (didn't show much). Anyone on the Bauco squad want to give me inside scoop on one of your team members? I'll send you a DM with their name.
    Feel free to shoot me a DM, I may be able to help.
    M_WarebalsdorfAaron Websteymaggieru
  • What's pretty common where you're from, but completely unknown to people not from there?

    @Kuch I went to school in Maryland, Salisbury actually...dont forget the Eastern Shore....or OCMD...thats nothing like anything else. or senior week... :D
    @espej09 I forgot that! Yes, the Eastern Shore of MD is a special place for many
    I lived in OCMD for two summers and worked security at Seacrets with a bunch of the football players from Salisbury. Now for those who have never heard of, or been to that place.....I have no idea how to describe the things I have seen go down there!
    I worked at Shenaningens on 4th and board for a summer! CLASSIC!

    Freakin Shenaningens! I've had a few beers there for sure. Man I miss those summers down in OC, so much fun.
    Funny story, this past summer I went on a long ride from Bethany/Dewey down through OC, with two other people, one being Rachel Mcbride. We ended up hitting like every light on Coastal Highway and I was just pointing out a different bar each time and telling them ridiculous stories. I think she was partially entertained and partially wondering how the hell she ended up in this town.
    espej09Aaron WebsteyMartin

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