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  • Snacks Thread

    MattM_WareAaron WebsteyJames Lange
  • To Honour Mark_after_Dark

    We really need to get this thread back active. If you were a golfer, is the ultimate achievement shooting a fantastic score at the Master's? I might retire after this.

    Aaron WebsteyMattMartin
  • February Challenge

    @James Lange said:
    I was doing great (8hrs in 9 days), but on Tuesday I tweaked a muscle in my calf 14km into a run and had to run/walk 4km home. I've been pounding it with the percussion massager and it's feeling better, but it's always hard to know whether to start back even if it's still a little tender, or sacrifice a whole week till it's 100%.

    Try the leg too...

    kjrunninAaron WebsteywchevronMartinMattKHilgendorfCraig_D
  • Report Problems Here

    please freeze the boozing thoughts page before its too late. we can start another

    Aaron WebsteyMatt
  • Almost Famous

    @Aaron Webstey said:
    If I posted this on Twitter @bbculp would accuse me of being high

    And totally be wrong. 100%. For realz

    Not sure what this means, but shouldn't we be prodding @bbculp to not only attend the Sworry Trials dingbatness, but also run the Ode to Laz. Free entry @bbculp , use the DOUBLE TOP SECRET code BBCULP at checkout for a 100% discount. (Oh, and bring a friend for psychological support - code works twice)

    M_WareAaron Webstey
  • January Challenge

    @wchevron said:

    @Tad_M said:
    Are we counting strength training too or only aerobic stuff? Either way @kjrunnin kicks all out asses, however, I need the strength training to count... pretty please.

    I say we count strength training.

    What about sex? It's not going to add too much time to my monthly total but might be the 15 minutes I need to make the January goal.

    Mines on the pie chart, you just can't see a sliver, or even a line...

    wchevronAaron Webstey
  • Report Problems Here

    @Aaron Webstey said:
    I'll have to see if I can figure these issues out. Thanks for the reports!

    Thanks for the fast fix (I guess you had her phone number on file...)

    Aaron Websteywchevron
  • Let's See Your Critters

    @AaronWebstey , I like your heart reaction idea, but how 'bout fixing my NICE reaction so the 69 shows back up. I have a reputation to live up to...

    M_WareAaron WebsteyMatt
  • January Challenge

    Calling all precincts: Be on the lookout for a person matching this photo robbing donut shops. The perpetrator appears unstable and should be treated as unarmed but dangerous. They claim to be a triathlete hungry after workouts - but all witnesses agree that the person more resembles a truck driver.

    wchevronAaron WebsteyM_WareMartinCraig_D
  • Is Triathlon still your main focus

    I can't run much, but I love the feeling of running. Therefore, I bike a lot and swim to make up for the frustration of not being able to run. I love swimming the most, but it's hard to annoy @P_Cottrell while I swim, so I mostly gravel bike. Oh, I like using the rowing machine downstairs too. I guess that makes me an imbalanced quadathlete. Quintathlete if you count the beer drinking, Sextathlete if you count the hot tubbing, but that sounds too dirty. I have found that gravel bike racing is extremely fun.
    In short, I'm a mixed up multi-sporter that will combine them in any way and have loads of fun.

    M_WareAaron WebsteyCraig_D

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