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  • February Challenge

    @James Lange said:
    I was doing great (8hrs in 9 days), but on Tuesday I tweaked a muscle in my calf 14km into a run and had to run/walk 4km home. I've been pounding it with the percussion massager and it's feeling better, but it's always hard to know whether to start back even if it's still a little tender, or sacrifice a whole week till it's 100%.

    Try the leg too...

    kjrunninAaron WebsteywchevronMartinMattKHilgendorfCraig_D
  • What are you wearing?

    @Craig_D said:
    I am a Polar fan since Garmin failed me during an Ironman. Currently using a GritX and a Wahoo Bolt on my bike. Both are for show currently so I need to get my ass in gear. I really like the Polar stuff and thae battery life is really good.

    The entire point of the Sworry Trials is "show", so please don't degrade that training with your other race distractions!

    Aaron WebsteyCraig_D
  • Report Problems Here

    I just love the fact that @M_Ware reads the help section of the website! You're not a Sworry Trials founder unless you're of the highest quality! Melanie, Shelly and I miss you and wish you and Dave the best. Someday... Dave fishes Wildwood Lake!

    M_WareAaron WebsteyJames Lange
  • February Challenge

    This is a true work of art. Possibly a Rooster T-shirt

    Aaron Webstey
  • Netflix movies

    @wchevron said:
    Maybe he could run the events at Ode to Laz.

    "You missed the fucking cut off time. Fuck off you wanker, Grrrrr"

    OMG, I would give Brett Goldstein 10 free entries and ALL our beer just to have him run a lap and cuss at people in the pit area...

    Aaron Webstey
  • Cycling Theme Songs

    @wchevron said:
    I'll be expecting an Ode to Laz theme song from all the participants this summer.

    I would say with enough Roosters, and the fantastic unlimited sponsor beer we have, we'll give Lennon & McCartney a run for their money this July...

    wchevronM_WareAaron WebsteyJames Lange
  • Cycling Theme Songs

    Did the same creative people do the 85-86 Chicago Bears super bowl shuffle video?

    MartinwchevronAaron Webstey
  • Latest addiction: Wordle

    @Martin said:

    @kjrunnin said:
    There's always this (harder & less fun) option:

    That is insanely hard.
    BIKLE 🚲 - A wordle-like game by @ciclismoliquido. Play here - My results today: Bikle 1 4/6


    ok, now I'm stuck...

    MartinAaron Webstey
  • Latest addiction: Wordle

    Wordle 226 2/6

    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 My 2nd ever 2. Exhilarating. I really don't get out as much as I used to...

    kjrunninAaron Webstey
  • See you in July!

    M_WarekjrunninAaron WebsteyCraig_D

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