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  • Lets see pics of your bike

    Passed a lot (ok maybe just a few) Dimonds on the Queen K on this upcycled p2c


    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    espej09Adam Wasthecrowflieskevinschummeryournotunique
  • Triathlon Life Hacks

    This is a great app to look up your local weather before a ride, race, etc.
    "What The Forecast"

    Your phone is about to die...
  • Just How Hated Am I???

    Don't you already race Age Group races?
  • Component Upgrading

    I knew it was coming....not butt hurt. My wife is Canadian, I won't hold it against you...
  • Component Upgrading

    Etap is awesome. I installed it on my 2008 p2c (same bike as the speedy Mr. Ben Real Starky). My training wheels were only 10sp compatible so I bought the Edco Monoblock 11spd. It works great on both training wheels and race wheels. Very easy to switch back and forth. As far as the Etap goes, it really does make a difference in your riding experience. Being able to shift from the base bars makes a huge difference, even if you ride primarily on the trainer or flat roads. The shifting is flawless and very easy to tune and make micro adjustments.

    I know I'll come off as trying to sell you something, but I bought all my gear at Use the link and code SHARE15 gets you started. Then if you're smart about how you purchase things, you will earn reward points. So you can buy the etap, get a bunch of reward points. Then use those reward points to buy the Monoblock. Then use those reward points to buy the new chain, handlebar tape, etc.

    And for anybody on the east coast who uses, use the standard shipping method, it usually takes 2-3 business days anyway (no need to pay extra).
  • Super League Tri

    The 2nd and 3rd stage rolling starts were a unique idea, especially the 3rd stage after climbing that incline. Overall, I thought the entire format was great for the fans and TV.
    Jennifer PostAaronWebstey
  • Where the Rubber Meets the Ground: Financials of a Pro Triathlete

    Do you look at your profession as creating a brand for yourself?

    Do you think that social media, online presence/blogging, podcast appearances, etc. affect the way that sponsors value you? Or do you think they value winning/race performance over brand?

    As a consumer/fan of the sport, I personally think the brand of an athlete definitely influences my attention. I'm not sure if it particularly influences my spending, maybe on a subconscious level. But I feel like I pay closer attention to you and several others who stay present within the inter web, versus others who are relatively quiet but may have a more 'mature' race resume. 
  • Ironman Texas Aquathon?

    Surprised an IM representative chose to offer some insight on Slowtwitch, rather than this forum....
  • Stop acting like any of you know something about doping

    The OP seems like a bout of roid rage
  • Lets see pics of your bike wife's a vet too....

    I'm a small animal vet, she's an zoo/aquarium vet, which is way more awesome. But she's not a "TriDVM"....slacker

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