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  • Handy Home Improvement Tips

    If the bottoms of your steel garage doors rust near the rubber seal, the fix is easy.
    1. Power wire brush with an attachment on your drill.
    2. Treat with a high quality rust converter.
    3. Prime with an excellent red oxide based anti rust primer.
    4. Topcoat with two coats of a high quality rust oleum white gloss oil based enamel. Not that easy to clean latex stuff.
    5. At the end of the second coat, be sure to trip and evenly coat your garage floor, ladder, driveway, and flower pot. It helps to have your garage door open so the splash of the bouncing/rotating paint can coats the back of your dark colored auto.
    When sprinting to the laundry room for towels, ensure that you you don't notice that your paint soaked running shoes are leaving footprints on the garage and interior kitchen/laundry rough hewn slate floor until you have finished gathering all the old towels you will need.
    6. Clean incredibly quickly with two gallon jugs of Turpentine in order of importance to spouse: Kitchen Slate, Footprints in Garage, Flower Pot, Entire back of car, Neck/Arms/Legs.
    7. Take a post workout photo like all good multi-sporters, and log this as a high intensity 5 minute VO2max interval workout in TrainingPeaks.

    MamaCheetahwchevronRashM_WareAaronWebsteyAlexSsimonsen77mbrekk44Craig_DBrendo78kjrunninKenElPescadoPeladoStruangJennifer Postmaggieru
  • New Kona Lottery

    M_WareAaronWebsteyMattet5504Craig_DRobert RankinDHansenTrikjrunninsimonsen77neil5youngGasBombIanLDawnCKenElPescadoPeladoKuch
  • 2019 Team - Rooster Endurance

    We're sorry to interrupt this broadcast. Please note the Canadian contingent of the Rooster Endurance squad may be a bit tardy in submitting their applications.
    Carry on.

    AaronWebsteywchevronCraig_DJennifer PostMattRobert RankinKenElPescadoPeladoMartinrangamelslickfins_RyanPreachSwansonHSeeley14Johns622GasBomb
  • 2018 Goals and Challenges

    1. Successfully outsource my goal setting to @kjrunnin for 2019
    2. Find a way to start running again with at least manageable pain
    3. Better my sprint PR from last year even if my run is slower
    4. Get at least 15 Roosters/TRS/Baucco/Others to attend the #Sworry Trials
    5. Berate @AaronWebstey into modeling his secret santa gift, regardless of his weight status
    6. Get another person to pick up the sport of triathlon in a sane/rational manner (3 for 3 2015-2017)
    MamaCheetahkjrunninM_Waresimonsen77Granpa ChookStruangCraig_DAaronWebsteyPreachSwansonKelly O'MaramaggierufyrehaarHoltyBrew_Tri
  • 2017 Race results and pics

    Last Wednesday's Triceratops Sprint. Race 1 of the 3 race summer series on the same course. I think I was the only TRS/Baucco there?, sorry no team podium??
    12th of 43 in 50-54 AG. But hey, I'm getting better. Since last June's race I'm 29th, 19th, 15th, now 12th. From 1:19:52 down to 1:16:15, my PR.

    M_Warembrekk44Craig_DKenElPescadoPeladofyrehaarBrent_RRobert Rankinkjrunninsimonsen77GentlemanJerseyDaveMamaCheetahAlexSrigpigIanL
  • 2017 Race results and pics

    The cmpletely unauthorized podium shot from the Triple T. Hope it meets Dark Marks style specification.
    Seriously though, @G Scott Layher beat me like a drum on a terribly hard course over 3 days and 4 races. Happy to have met and talked with @tjdickey and @Paul Glatzhofer from the team. Kudos to TJ and Paul for tackling the extreme Triple T beast! Also met Kyle from the squad during the Sunday race bike leg. Mucho fast on his bike, and he still took time to say hi as he went by! Cool. Very fun weekend.

    MattM_Waretjdickeyneil5youngrigpigsimonsen77G Scott LayherRobert RankinAaronWebsteyCraig_DkjrunninMamaCheetahGentlemanJerseyDaveGasBomb
  • IMTX

    Posted online from the IMTX T1. Awesome!

    AaronWebsteyKenElPescadoPeladombrekk44MattRobert RankinGasBombsimonsen77A_drizzleMartinNotSoFatLewscottyBrent_RjimmymstevensonKuchMamaCheetah
  • Ryf is not a doper, here is the evidence.

    I am all for ensuring TRS does not squander its potential for creating positive change in our sport, but stick to your guns @AaronWebstey Over sensitivity to shedding light on this subject, and fear over upsetting people is what has caused this problem. Truly clean athletes may be slightly upset at being accused, but in the long run, they will all realize that right now, this risk of hurt feelings is mandatory. The problem is not how we title threads, or what we say based on our lowly or fantastically credible position in the triathlon community..........................

    We are obsessing over these minuscule details when the issue is that our collective governing bodies feel little to no incentive to police our beloved sport - inexcusable. We should implicitly trust all of our heroes because the system is designed to reward ethical behavior.

    I am truly slow, and will never be affected by the finishing position of dopers. However, I want to be able to say to everyone I know that triathlon is a clean sport. I have NO respect for the dopers and the people that propagate the possibility of doping discussions to be relevant.

    My responsibility is 1) to continually tell everyone I interact with at races that doping AND aiding and abetting doping is the lowest form of behavior (and behaviour) in our sport, 2) to continue to support all attempts to publicize these opinions 3) to tell all dopers that they are behaving as spineless humans regardless of the backwards logic they may bring to bear in the their own defense.

    To all dopers and/or triathlon sport community infrastructure members who wish to educate me on the complex details of being a professional athlete, or the pressures of running a large company for profit: Please feel free to confront my beliefs at any race I attend, here on this forum, or elsewhere. Hell, message me and I'll give you my phone #. Destroy my naivete please. I look forward to learning how the pursuit of success, accolade, or profitability justifies unethical behavior as an athlete or a businessperson.

    I love my sport. I want my sport clean. I don't dope.

    End of story.
    GasBombMattpattScott ShellJames LangeGranpa ChookEvanAaronWebsteywchevronJennifer PostjakesaundersyournotuniqueCraig_DKenElPescadoPeladoPreachSwanson
  • To Honour Mark_after_Dark

    My office exit. Tried to include my phone showing Roost forum.

  • AMA with Jake@ENVE

    Be more careful with your machine settings @AaronWebstey , you screwed up the switch on the right. Now you owe @Jake Pantone a #sworry!

    M_WareCraig_DwchevronAaronWebsteysimonsen77MattMartinBrent_Ridking90Ryan HeislerKenElPescadoPeladomaggieru

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