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Kona 2 day format

wchevronwchevron Member, POTM

Did anyone watch both days? Thoughts on the 2 day format. Thoughts on the race. Not sure if I like the 2 day format or not. Watching on TV, I didn't think there was much difference in the coverage. From a viewing perspective I think the 1 day format is fine, but I can see as a racer, why it's good to have separate races.

I was hoping by splitting up the race they would have more cameras to be able swing through the different racers on the bike and run. Seems like they had the same coverage of one camera on the leader and a second picking up 2-4th place. Would have been nice to have a 3rd swing between 5-20 place.

On on hand I was glad for Chelsea Sodaro " Go 'merica" but disappointed Lucy Charles came in 2nd again. I wonder if she'll be another Andy Raelert and never win it. The men's race was much more exciting. I wonder how it would have turned out with Frodeno there. Could he have kept up with Iden? I wonder if he was there, if Iden, Laidlaw and Blummenfelt would have had a more reserved race. Thinking, Frodeno's only going at X pace and he's won 3x. He knows how not to blow up, I feel good but maybe I should try to stay with him and try to hold on. Would have been interesting to see how it would have shaken out.

Aaron WebsteyM_Ware


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    James LangeJames Lange Member, Rooster Endurance Member

    I agree that the coverage didn't seem any better with the race split, and I didn't really watch the women's race because it was on a weekday. I also hoped that there would be more coverage through the field. The tracker is so much better than in the past where you can see what is going on all through the field, but the announcers can't really talk about it since there is no coverage. That being said I actually thought the coverage was pretty good.

    If Jan had been there my money would still have been on Iden. He ran 2:36 with moderate pressure and I think he would have had sub-2:35 with another runner offering more pressure. The wildcard as you mention is how Jan's presence would have changed the way the race unfolded. Listening to the Norwegians talking after the race on Breakfast with Bob it sounds unlikely that they will gun for Kona again until after the Paris Olympics, so the showdown with Jan may never materialize.

    wchevronAaron Webstey

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    MartinMartin Member, Rooster Endurance Member

    Two day format: Seemed better for the racers. Would be curious to hear from the women if it led to better racing for them - less drafting off the men, etc. Coverage was ok. It's an Ironman so never going to be exciting.

    Frodo is never going to win Kona again. He's the GOAT for now (with apologies to Mark Allen), but his time has past. Set aside the 'wegians and you have Ditlev, Laidlow, Magnussen and several other new up and coming stars at the distance, including a couple of Americans in Chartier and Long (although Long will never win it because his swim is third rate).

    I thought Lange's reportedly whiny interview on German TV was interesting. (BTW, he's won his last Kona as well) He basically created a new category for himself by staying his run record was set without carbon soles. The next wave of shoes will probably see tuned carbon, specific to a runner's weight and gait. That's probably good for another 60 seconds over 26.2.

    Oh, Ryf is done as well. She'll never win another Kona. (Someone should snapshot this as an ice cold take for when she pulls a Natascha Badmann and wins the next three years.)

    James LangeAaron WebsteyMattM_Ware
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    kjrunninkjrunnin Member, Rooster Endurance Member, Level 2 Supporter

    Thursday, I was keeping an eye on the tracker all day, tracking a dozen women I know. I didn't watch any of the Thursday race because I was working. Saturday, I was tracking a few guys, way less interested in their results, so rather than frequently checking if their place had changed on the bike, it was more of a "are they off the bike yet?". I did watch the last hour of the men's pro race after I got home from my ride.

    Thanks @Martin for suggesting that it would be good to hear from women as to whether the two-day format was better for them. Obvs I didn't race there, nor will I ever, but I haven't read anything (yet) that suggests women who do (or have) think the extra day was unnecessary. It's actually the opposite.

    This may be a TLDR addition but am copy/pasting from a women's endurance sports newsletter... Oh, and the Kelly referred to is Kelly O'Mara and she has a new site you can support here:

    "There has been a lot of discussion about whether this year’s Ironman World Champs, held over two days, with the women finally getting their own(-ish) day should continue. Where we stand on that is a defiant yes. There are multiple legitimate concerns related to the land and the exploitation of the town and people of Kona and they can be resolved without taking the women’s day away. Kelly has a lot of ideas about this in yesterday's newsletter ((, so I won't rehash here.

    After years of clawing their way to their own race, it is now being argued as “too much.” A constant frustration lingers that women can’t just race. Coverage can’t just be about their racing and performance and, and, and... White men, who are very well represented in all endurance sports don’t have to fight any fight. For the most part, they just have to train and show up. "

    James LangewchevronMartinStruangAaron Webstey

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    MattMatt Member, Administrator, Rooster Endurance Member

    Iden's shoes were stacked high. Like double ice cream sandwiches thick.

    Loved the WPRO no interference from top AG men.

    MartinAaron Webstey
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    Tad_MTad_M Member, Rooster Endurance Member, Level 2 Supporter, POTM

    @Matt said:
    Iden's shoes were stacked high. Like double ice cream sandwiches thick.

    Loved the WPRO no interference from top AG men.

    The high shoes are just a vanity thing. Most definitely the women need this separate race!

    Aaron WebsteyMatt
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