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  • iOS phone app - CODER HERE?

    Hey you got me after only like 2 weeks after you were looking.
    I’ve managed the project of developing a couple of mobile apps in my real job, but never wrote a line of code myself. So if you need somebody to repeatedly ask for more time and money to deliver what you wanted, I’m your guy.

    kjrunninM_WarewchevronTad_MAaron WebsteyStruangMartin
  • January Challenge


    StruangMattAaron WebsteywchevronJames LangeMartinTad_M
  • Is Triathlon still your main focus

    My last tri was in 2017, and ITU Montreal only because we had free entry via A18. I haven't really cared to do one since before that. Working in the bike/tri industry killed my desire, along with any free time I had.

    Sticking to running, with some biking and XC Ski thrown in. Want to break 1:15 for a half marathon this fall.

    Aaron WebsteyTad_MJames LangeM_Warekjrunnin
  • Roost in 2022

    Ok, so my personal computer died in 2019 and was only using my work laptop ever since, and casually logging in with my phone. But something messed up and I couldnt log in any more.

    But I'm back. Engaged! New house! And living maybe 5 mins closer to @Martin too.

    Still running lots. Got a few BAAW things to catch up on, I guess.

    Aaron WebsteywchevronTad_MkjrunninM_Ware
  • Let's See Your Critters

    Here’s the winter beardless version.

    wchevronStruangAaron WebsteyTad_MJames LangeMartin
  • Roost in 2022

    "We're on a mission from Tad."

    Aaron WebsteywchevronJames LangeTad_MM_Ware
  • Is Triathlon still your main focus

    Wine has become my main focus.

    Seriously though, I had concluded my triathlon days were behind me when I concluded my running days were behind me after being told I had advanced osteoarthritis in both knees. I'd only been to the ortho because I had so much pain from running so it's not like it was an incidental finding with no impact on my running ability. Once I gave up running, I would try again every few months because I missed it so much, and then my knees would get super cranky again and I'd be like "oh yeah, right, this is why I stopped". And that's why it was an easy decision to sell the tri bike. In the last 2 years, I have been mostly cycling (road).

    But then IM announced Alaska and I just couldn't resist. I am cautiously getting re-aquainted with running, and loving being back in the pool. I had also forgotten how nice it is to have variety in training. I like the intensity and exhaustion that comes along with long distance tri training, and I am fine with my own company (I'm hilarious), but I also like the social aspect I found with my tri group. I joined a cycling club but I find they take themselves so seriously. It's all pace-lines and taking turns with short pulls on the front. When we hit a quiet section of country road, where my tri peeps would see it as an opportunity to ride side by side and chit-chat, the roadies all want to single up, lift the speed and do the 30s pulls. I would rather grind into the wind for 20 minutes in z3, then watch my Wahoo to make sure I stick to my 30s, then fall back to last wheel, and pay attention to not gapping the line, crashing into the person in front of me, blah blah blah. Having said that, I'm a better cyclist for having spent 2 years training with these folks and climbed more in 2021 than I have in any other year, and I definitely wouldn't have done that without this crew.

    So right now: triathlon, but we'll see how it goes. If cartilage turns out to be super important, I may end up focusing on Aquabike. Or wine.

    wchevronMartinAaron WebsteyJames LangeTad_MStruangMatt
  • Trump/Biden/Trudeau/Covid/Anti-vax

    @wchevron said:
    8 years. About the same amount of time it used to take @AaronWebstey to award the POTM.

    Early contender for post of the year...

    Aaron WebsteyStruangwchevronM_WareJames Lange
  • Trump/Biden/Trudeau/Covid/Anti-vax

    8 years. About the same amount of time it used to take @AaronWebstey to award the POTM.

    Aaron WebsteyMartinTad_MkjrunninStruangJames LangeMatt
  • Trump/Biden/Trudeau/Covid/Anti-vax

    These topics seem to generate a lot of chatter in the other forum so figured I'd group them into one giant post. @AaronWebstey, watch the interactions climb. This one post should put you in the black for the year.

    MartinkjrunninAaron WebsteyTad_Midking90

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