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  • 2019 Team - Rooster Endurance

    Who said we asked for training! Wasn't there some Facebook story about a guy running 26.2 without training on a bet... he's one of ours right :-)
    That was me in high school - a friend on the football team bet me and my then girlfriend (who ran cross country) to run the Marine Corps Marathon. I bought a pair of running shoes the week before, and went on a 6 mile run once to see how it felt.

    We played the last game of the season on that Friday, took the SATs that Saturday, and 'ran' the marathon on Sunday. I recall hitting the wall at ~ mile 19 but managed to be the only one who finished. The GF got horrible blisters and had to stop, and my friend hurt his knee along the way. My time was miserable (4:41:52), but I still remember it off the top of my head!

    And it hurt to start wrestling practice that Monday. Ah, to have the ability to recover like I did when I was 17...
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  • Team Confusion at Toughman NY

    @Dark_mark, @Craig D, @PreachSwanson, @Tad_Machrowicz, @toebutt769, @yournotunique et al - turns out that my orthopod missed the broken/displaced clavicle, which explains the constant searing pain in my shoulder, and the fact that it is sticking up ~1" above my sternum now. No intervention required, but the latest diagnosis has calmed me down from trying to get back out running.

    On the good news front, I was able to glue my Di2 shifter back together. I'll leave the scrapes on the Magura brakes as a reminder of my stupidity. Not sure if I'll ever wear that Castelli suit again - lots of holes, and they tell me that they do not do repairs.

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