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  • 2016 Specialized CruX Expert Evo - SCS Hub Issues?

    I have a SCS Tarmac - I just bought the alternate (read: normal) hanger from my Spec dealer, and swapped out the SCS one. No problems running non-SCS wheels after that.
  • Riding in Jacksonville

    Ok, who here lives in Jacksonville, and knows the local cycling scene?
    (or the scene on the south side, near UNF?)

    I was going between work and my hotel, and ran into a group that was out riding ~6:30/7PM .
    They were wearing "Southside" kits, but I can't find any group by that name in FB or strava.

    Anybody know a little more?
    I'm down here for work a bit, and would like to see what is going on so I do more than run or swim at local Y.

  • To Honour Regular Mark

  • 2018 Super League Triathlon

    @Jennifer Post - I'm hoping Summer does not get dropped out of the bike pack again this year. It is painful to watch her race some days (e.g. Toronto this year) when she crushes the swim and run, but goes from the lead pack to the back of the chase pack.

    She needs to get w/ the team that got Gwen to the next level on the bike, and spend some time in the saddle with a bunch of roadies. With that in her quiver she would crush the field.
    AaronWebsteyJennifer PostKenElPescadoPelado
  • 2019 Team - Rooster Endurance

    @PreachSwanson Those cabins were definitely.... something. I'm amazed we all lived through the weekend.
    I took my wife and 6 year old daughter there for this year's Toughman (which all of you bailed on). My daughter LOVED it, and is begging to go back for an entire week so she can go swim, play with fire, defeat me in ping pong, and generally get dirty and run about the campground.

    My wife offered to stay at home for that week.
    (we stayed in the cabin between the two we had last year)


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