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  • Bereda Training - coming in 2019

    I'd love to have a new group of people looking at how slow I am.

    I use Strava, but have paid for TP Premium for years, but my training plans have centered around TR plans, master's swim sessions, a local Tuesday night tempo/track series, and weekend shop rides. Would be interesting to see how a structured plan fits in around all that.
  • The back by some what popular demand but still always loved 2018 TriRoost Secret Santa thread

    Got mine last week - the chaos of home renovations has slowed down the posting here!

    I’ll wear it proudly. Hopefully I won’t get my ass kicked for doing so.

    Thanks, SS!
  • Best jobs/companies for endurance athletes

    My company actually does a pretty good job of encouraging and rewarding wellness. Granted, with a company of this size there are those (like me) who take full advantage of the offerings, but the sheer volume of options means that the needle gets moved for a large population.
    - On site gyms at most offices with structured classes
    - Reimbursement for gym memberships, races, etc
    - Reimbursement for fitness trackers that can we used for higher end Garmin purchases
    - Free nutrition and wellness consulting
    - Multi day classes by our Human Performance Institute

    For a while, we sponsored the Philly TriRock - employees got free race entry and a kit, along with a huge dedicated tent at the race in exchange for raising $ for a local hospital. At the peak, we had ~800 people participating in the oly and sprint races over 2 days! I ran the training at one of the sites, and was able to run lunch meetings and training rides for new triathletes.

    My business unit also sponsors a 2 day, 200 mile bike ride from Limerick to Cork. Same sort of deal - matching kits, motorcycle escorts, very well run groups of differing speed, and entertainment and hotel accommodations for the overnight stay in return for fund raising. I'm always impressed at the people who do the ride w/ flat pedals on steel hybrid bikes. There is another business that does a 3 day sportif in Belgium on some of the classic routes with 100+ employees taking part.

    It helps that the CEO is a former Army Ranger who (rumor has it) has put a gym into the corporate jet. When I worked with him in the past, most of our discussions centered around his marathon and triathlon training. Once his knees got bad, he switched to aquabike, and won his AG at TriRock.

    I can't say that my role always allows me to train as much as I'd like, but over the years I have been able to strike a decent balance between family, work, and endurance sports. I'm happy to talk more about it 1 on 1.
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  • 2016 Specialized CruX Expert Evo - SCS Hub Issues?

    I have a SCS Tarmac - I just bought the alternate (read: normal) hanger from my Spec dealer, and swapped out the SCS one. No problems running non-SCS wheels after that.
  • Riding in Jacksonville

    Ok, who here lives in Jacksonville, and knows the local cycling scene?
    (or the scene on the south side, near UNF?)

    I was going between work and my hotel, and ran into a group that was out riding ~6:30/7PM .
    They were wearing "Southside" kits, but I can't find any group by that name in FB or strava.

    Anybody know a little more?
    I'm down here for work a bit, and would like to see what is going on so I do more than run or swim at local Y.


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