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  • Share screenshots of your best ad placements on TriRoost

    I assure you there is nothing in my search history to explain this!

  • Savage Takedowns

    Tonight's gem

    How old do you think he is?
    You were supposed to guess his age not his waist size!
  • Savage Takedowns

    A few years ago I'm commuting home on a train standing in the Buffet drinking eith the regulars when the following (slightly abbreviated)occurs:
    B: I've just never liked body hair
    R:But some is inevitable
    B: so you deal with it
    R: Your husband would know if the Cuffs and Collar matched.
    B: I'm not sure which part of not doing Body hair you didn't understand, but I sure as fuck ain't showing you!

    Another night R being the same stuck up, private educated, "Gentleman " we had a conversation along the lines of:

    Me: So get up to much over the weekend?
    Almost everyone: Drinking, Sport watching, all the stuff the family expects.
    H: Took the Girlfriend to bed Friday night, got out of bed sometime on Sunday
    R: But what can you do all weekend in bed with another girl?
    H:If that's a serious question I feel very sorry for your wife.

  • Savage Takedowns

    Saw this on Twitter posted by the restaurant

    Jennifer PostMartinMattCraig_DGasBombKenElPescadoPelado
  • Oh Canada

    So there I am skiing down the mountain minding my own business when I see a sign

    That's odd I think dont often see a warning like that in a ski resort, and then I find out why

    Of course just keep a bear in the middle of the resort!

    Normal people would keep the bear somewhere safe and away from people, but not Canadians!
    NHetroTad_MAaronWebsteyKenElPescadoPeladoJennifer PostCraig_Dslickfins_Ryan

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