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Kelly O'Mara


Kelly O'Mara
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Member, Pro Triathlete
  • 70.3 World Champs + TPS - The Gretzky Episode (#99)

    lucy charles in 43rd?? that's pretty dumb
  • Many Things for Sale: Wetsuits, Garmins, Bike, etc

    OK, I need to clear out some stuff.

    - Brand new Xterra Vengeance (the $700 fancy wetsuit), women's size Medium -- I accidentally ordered a medium, wore it twice and realized I am not a medium, so now I have a medium-small, but I need to unload the medium one -- $300
    - Few years old Zoot wetsuit (I want to say it's the Force?), women's size Medium-Sm -- just been sitting in my garage -- $100
    - older Xterra swimskin (few years old, raced in like 5 times?) -- $75
    - I have two Garmin 220s (one's touch screen, one's not) -- used both for all my running but just got a Fenix 5s, so -- $75
    - Fitbit Charge 2 (the wrist-based HR one, about year-and-a-half old) -- used it for 6 months or so, and then lost interest -- $75
    - 2011 Orbea Ordu, Small -- (Ultegra, Profile design bars, can't remember what else right now, some set of fancy cracks) was my race bike on and off through 2016, but hella upgraded last year and it's been sitting in my living room -- w/o wheels $900

    I have some other aero helmets too but one thing at a time I guess.
  • If the Triathlon Community Relocated to Hollywood

    If they make a movie about her life's story, Tilda Swinton could play @Kelly O'Mara ...

    Also, the role of Brad Williams (@BW_Tri) can be played by midget comedian Brad Williams.

    Do I get any say in this?
  • Roka clothing gone?

    @Martin all the running gear they launched with such fanfare like last year is gone -- shorts, tank tops, sports bras -- its all in the sale section. the tri kits are still around.
  • How's the IM Louisville bike course?

    I don't remember a climb. It was all mostly rolling farmland. Wind can be a factor.
    Robert Rankin

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