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  • Wear Reflective Clothes

    Yes. He's also an advocate for better (safer) infrastructure for all vulnerable road users (pedestrians or cyclists)

    Here's a great piece he wrote on his love for all things about cycling

    Hi @Beth_Brogan I see you parroted comments from Boothbay Harbor PD, which is based on driver who killed cyclist. Maybe rider didn't do a suicidal veer & instead reacted to shoulder ending, and a potentially negligent driver fatally hit her? Maybe question the dubious narrative?

    — Peter Flax (@Pflax1) October 16, 2018

    I don't give other riders rules, but I have a newish personal rule—I no longer wave at drivers who let me proceed through an intersection where I already have the right of way. I'm exercising my legal right to cross the street and I'm not going to thank you for not threatening me

    — Peter Flax (@Pflax1) October 13, 2018

    Think about the absurdity of the position of the people still screaming to rip out the protected bike lane on Venice Boulevard. They want another lane of traffic. And they want tons of subsidized parking. And then they call cyclists who have a rare safe place to ride entitled.

    — Peter Flax (@Pflax1) October 12, 2018

    This idea that people who drive are entitled to free or nearly free parking needs to die. If people want to store their cars, they should pay market rates for that privilege.

    — Peter Flax (@Pflax1) October 12, 2018
  • Wear Reflective Clothes

    Wasn't saying you were doing that Tad. I guess I've been reading a bit too much Peter Flax lately.
  • Wear Reflective Clothes

    Black is the easiest colour to work with in sport clothing, as colours can typically vary (vs planned on a computer screen or paint swatch like CMYK or Pantone #) depending on the materials used, stretching of the fibres, etc.

    Also, I hate the victim-blaming way most all of these articles are written. Nothing about a phone or potential distracted driving. Because a guy like this wouldn't be in the middle of the road, and likely on the shoulder, so the driver could have veered from his lane. Nothing like that, so again, the line of thought is: "What was he wearing? He was asking for it!" But he's dead and there's no one to offer the other side of the story.
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  • To Honour Regular Mark

    Megyn Kelly Fired at NBC News, Will Receive $69 Million Buyout — Reports

    — IndieWire (@IndieWire) October 25, 2018
  • What's pretty common where you're from, but completely unknown to people not from there?

    It's got the 1 guy with compression socks and everything
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