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  • Hip-hop preferences

    @Tad_M Love this, thanks for sharing.

    Been a big bluegrass fan since going to school 30 miles from Kentucky. Really wish Chris Stapleton would take a break from being the best thing to ever happen to country music to make some new music with the Steeldrivers.
  • Interbike 2019 cancelled - Your thoughts / Do you care?

    I wasn't surprised and I don't care. I stopped going four years ago when brands stopped launching product and buying hacks like me dinner. Interbike was a ton of fun 10 years ago when the industry was thriving and companies were doing crazy shit like buying print ads.

    The move to Reno was puzzling. Not easy or cheap to get to. If they do a show in 2020, I think Denver makes the most sense.

    I'm assuming Dan wrote something about it on ST, which I don't have the time or patience to read. Can you summarize it for the Roost so we know how to feel about this?
  • Seattle Restaurant

    @AaronWebstey my Seattle advice is to go to Vancouver because it's way better.
  • Fat bike for a fat guy

    @mbrekk44 I think we may have a winner. Nice spec for the price. Good looking frame. Thanks for putting me onto this!
  • Fat bike for a fat guy

    @Tad_M I enjoy riding my cross bike in the snow but I'm just looking to mix things up this winter, especially since it came so fucking early this year. Every time I'm out on my CX bike, I see all these kids looking cool on their fat bikes in nothing but jeans and hoodies. Meanwhile I look like a knob in my Wattie Ink kit. Then I get home and my wife and the guy she's sleeping with make fun of me, and I go have a cry in my office, which isn't even a real office but just a corner of the living room.

    So yeah, this fat bike is about a lot more than just being able to ride in the snow.

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