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  • Let's See Your Critters

    Fox. A Chesapeake retriever, Cubs fan and terrible runner.
    M_WareTad_MachrowiczCraig DJohns622KenElPescadoPelado
  • WTC overhauls Kona Qualification for Pros

    How about we adopt a system like college football and rank everybody? No one seems to disagree about Alabama being in the playoffs.....
    Don't get me started on college football. Alabama doesn't belong :)
    If you think Ohio St belongs in over Bama, you belong on ST.

    A ranking system would never work. There are maybe 5 people in the world pathetic enough to follow triathlon so closely that they're qualified to rank 100+ athletes (I'm one of them...Webstey is pathetic but not qualified), and none of us would want that responsibility.
    AaronWebsteyJohns622Ryan Heisler
  • WTC overhauls Kona Qualification for Pros

    @Sralston my rough guess is it'll end up being like 43-47 women (out of 100) in the new system. PLUS, the auto qualifiers.
    Sounds about right. I was thinking it'd work out to about 55 men and 45 women. Still way too many of both.
  • WTC overhauls Kona Qualification for Pros

    Love almost everything about this move. I don't necessarily hate the floating spots. I'd prefer 50 and 50 because it's [almost] 2018 and that's the right thing to do, especially from a PR standpoint. But at the same time, if it were 50 and 50 with this new system, the pro men would have a legitimate argument that it's easier to qualify for the women. I think 35 and 35 would be ideal. This could shake out that we have 60 or more men racing in Kona and that's way too many for a fair race.
  • Go Fund Yourself

    Thanks for sharing the link. I was in the market for a $550 wallet made from a slaughtered alligator.

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