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  • Birdwatching?

    Put mealworms in the bird feeders around your yard. Great for attracting cardinals (if you have them wherever the fuck it is you live). Make your own hummingbird food if you have feeders. Those things suck that shit down like crack addicts.
  • New Ironman venues

    Thanks @Mark_after_Dark, I'll add that to the list.

    Reasons to visit Tulsa:

    1. Ironman Tulsa
    2. Very cool city
    3. It's not Edmonton
    I've been to Tulsa (albeit in 2007 and without a bike) and Edmonton (in 2012 with a mountain bike). Give me Edmonton over Tulsa any day. Better weather too (I love snow and I think tornadoes are the scariest thing ever).
    James Lange
  • Kona 2019

    @James Lange I really don't know why I've been so fucking angry at triathlon lately. Maybe it's because everything else is going surprisingly well... I'm finally making some OK money in this sport; I've got my back issues under control and I'm [somewhat] fit again; the Cubs haven't blown their season yet. Not to mention they just legalized weed and gambling in Illinois...on the same fucking day!

    I guess I just don't have anything else to be angry about. I'm sure the Cubs will fuck that up at some point this summer and I'll go back to not caring about all the ridiculous shit Ironman does.
    M_WareAaronWebsteyTad_MSdogPevashishDaulJames Lange
  • Kona 2019

    So fucking stupid. It doesn't change the fact that there are still too many people of similar abilities racing on a mostly flat highway. This accomplishes nothing other than ruining arguably the most iconic moment in our sport.
  • Top 5 Live Performances

    1. Gza performs "Liquid Swords" - Costa Mesa, Calif., 2014
    2. Gza performs "Liquid Swords" - San Diego, Calif., 2012
    3. Gza performs "Liquid Swords" - Cincinnati, Ohio, 2007
    4. Gza performs "Liquid Swords" - Chicago, Ill., 2016
    5. Gza performs "Liquid Swords" - Indianapolis, Ind., 2013

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