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  • Hip-hop preferences

    @Tad_M Can you imagine the two of them doing it? Ewwwww.

    Also, if you like Stapleton, check out Colter Wall. Saw him in Chicago a few months ago. Unreal voice for a 23-year old.

    And he's Canadian!
  • Hip-hop preferences

    Anyone check out the new WU mini-series on Showtime (Of Mics and Men)?

    Some great backstory on the Clan. It's six one-hour episodes.
  • Finding my Arm Warmers

    The headlines over there are my favorite. A lot of unintentional humor (humour).
    PevashishDaulJennifer PostAaronWebsteyMattCraig_D
  • Cam Wurf is going to win Kona

    He does bring the shits and giggles to triathlon - doesn't take himself seriously outside of start to finish of races.
    Exactly. After rowing in the Olympics and riding on the UCI circuit, he's able to find the humor in how ridiculous triathlon is...isn't that the point of this forum?
    MartinTad_MJames LangeCraig_DMatt
  • Cam Wurf is going to win Kona

    @Granpa Chook It took me a while and a lot of conversations with Cam regarding his involvement with Team Sky to come around. I'm not going to just assume he's dirty because he does the occasional ride with Froome or Thomas when they're in the same place. I think it's a bad look for Cam, and I've told him that repeatedly.

    I'm a fan of the way he races; same reason I'm a fan of Starky. There's a lot of cheating that goes on in the pack in Kona and the team tactics last year with Drietz and Lange was absolute bullshit. I'm a fan of the guys who do the exact opposite.
    MartinAaronWebsteyJames LangeTad_M

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