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  • Racist drama in my small town

    @KHilgendorf people flew the Confederate flag where I grew up in New Jersey. Mom and Dad commuted to Philly or New York, yet here these 17 year olds are driving lifted pickups with giant flags off the back. It was a weird place.

    Meanwhile, there’s actually a house near me in Colorado that has a rainbow flag and a Confederate flag out front. While I realize they are separate issues, I struggle to understand the logic. Part of you says that people should be allowed to love and marry whomever they want, but the other part of you says people should be allowed to own other human beings.
  • Super League Malta

    @AaronWebstey dropped chain out of T1 in round 1 of the triple mix, plus technical narrow course meant he was doomed.
  • FS: CAAD10 105, Wahoo Kickr, Flo 60/90

    No interest from me, but I just have to add that the CAAD10 105 is basically the Honda Accord of road bikes, and on the occasion when I am assembling or disassembling my Venge, I sometimes wish I'd kept my CAAD10
  • Recruiting for NCAA Triathlon at Transylvania University

    Unrelated per se to recruiting, but cool that you got that gig, @KMRyanTri
    I know there was some criticism that some of the NCAA schools were basically hiring “ordinary” local age group coaches with little to no knowledge of draft legal racing because the ADs didn’t know any better. I’ll be expecting Transylvania to usurp ASU in 2019.
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  • World's 20 best cycling routes


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