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  • Roosters in Victoria?

    @hojuman is a great host.
    Organizers in Quebec came through.
    I did not come through on race day. Luckily there is poutine

    MattKenElPescadoPeladoGranpa ChookAaronWebsteyTuck_n_Roll_Tad_M
  • BAAW Thread?

    @Tad_M I make sure to have my computer set to a red and green theme when I read my homeowners insurance policy.
  • BAAW Thread?

    Mismatched tires ARE ALLOWED in off road. Though yes, there’s not a great reason to have a Conti Mountain King rear and a Bontrager GenericIDontKnow front, except that the front wheel is from my training set because I was able to keep my fork, while the rear is the only Boost wheel I own right now so I put the tire I’m racing on next weekend on it. When I race there will be another Mountain King front.
  • BAAW Thread?

    Yes I’m gonna lose points but kinda don’t care because I have a new frame built up only six days after breaking my old one. Fortunately didn’t take too much additional to get it all to work with my old components. Plus a slightly taller headtube now means no spacers, @Matt

  • N+1

    You can always take a camelbak.
    Please dear god, no. Unless I’m racing or prepping for Dirty Kanza or MI Coast 2 Coast where it’s a true necessity.
    I do it in training on my MTB quite often, though. But hydration pack on a roadish geometry is just not something I can get behind. It’s not a huge deal, as if I’m way out in the sticks that much that I will be more than ~90 minutes between even a gas station, I would likely rather be on my MTB because chances are any sort of forest service road, doubletrack, or whatever else I’m riding is going to be bumpy/Not maintained enough that having a suspension will make the ride far more enjoyable.
    But then I also ride loose gravel and dirt on my roadie with 23’s at 100 psi. Any bike can be a gravel bike (sorry to rain on the marketing parade, @Matt).
    Also this. My Venge probably has as many “dirt road miles” on it as my Ridley. But I am weak and ride 28s.

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