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  • The best story out of Collegiate Nationals

    All I’ll say about that is that it wasn’t CU that won. Otherwise, I’m not going to touch it because it had no direct impact on CSU.
    But how much better of a story is it that 3 women from the same team swept the podium??!!? That’s literally never happened at Collegiate Nationals.
    It makes me feel a little better that there have been times in workouts when each of them have beaten me...
  • The best story out of Collegiate Nationals
    Honestly, this was probably cooler to see it happen than anything ever in my own racing. Proud to call these ladies teammates
    M_WareAaronWebsteyMattmaggieruJames Lange
  • Area man goes for ride on low-tech bike, somehow doesn’t burst into flames

  • Ask Lucy Charles anything (sort of)

    @GasBomb there are some exceptions, but overall, prize money is generally equal. ITU rules mandate it, Ironman races all abide by it, etc. It’s pretty much been that way from the beginning.
    Endorsements are a trickier area, because they’re more shrouded in mystery and it’s harder to compare “equal” athletes the way it is with prize money (4th place woman at race X is the same as 4th place man at race X, simply put, but how do you compare more broadly?)
    I could be WILDLY off base on this, but I *suspect* triathlon is at least better/closer to equal on this since sponsorships are still driven strongly by participation numbers rather than spectators, so there’s not the fallacy that cycling, basketball, and most other sports use of the women being less competitive or talented or whatever else BS old guys in suits come up with.
    AaronWebsteybbculpGasBombJennifer Post
  • WTS Abu Dhabi

    @Matt I agree although it’s also just the current dynamic. The women proved even without Flora that it can be done.
    From about 2012 to 15, we had that very solid 8-12 man group that consistently had Brownlee x2, Gomez, Varga, Royle, plus a few. Brownlees and Gomez seemed like even though they could out run most anybody in the field, they never wanted to test it against Mola and Murray.
    Nowadays, maybe it’s firepower in the front, maybe it’s motivation where the best runners don’t care who catches up, maybe it’s leadership (no verbal assault from Alistair), but something is lacking in the men’s field to keep the pack split. But I also remember there used to be Madrid, yes perhaps you’re right there as well. (I’m kind of ignoring the one-off Kitzbuehl race)
    Jennifer PostAaronWebstey

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