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  • Roosters in Quebec?

    Yea, and XTERRA is Saturday, while IMMT is Sunday. I can’t imagine there’s a ton of crossover there per se, certainly not within the pro fields. Particularly as Quebec is supposedly pretty technical and only has $7500 prize money, so not a ton of incentive to just jump into it.
  • Roosters in Quebec?

    @Martin thanks for the offer. I'll definitely consider, especially because my options for flying to Montreal or Burlington are far more plentiful than to Quebec itself.
  • Roosters in Quebec?

    I know we overindex on Canadians here on this forum, but how about Canadiennes?
    Coming to race XTERRA Quebec August 18 and would love a friendly futon, dog bed, pull out couch, etc to sleep on.
    Race is out of town a little ways at Lac Delage, if that helps.
    M_Waresimonsen77MartinAaronWebsteyCraig D
  • Martini Saturday approaches - reserve your copy of Caddyshack today!

    I love that part when the bowsprit snaps off.
    @AaronWebstey , can @wchevron get a badge for first confirmed use of the word "bowsprit"? Not only a serious fan of Caddyshack, but clearly a trained mariner. A Dartmouth boy has to be impressed. Maybe bowsprit becomes the next eggscellent.....
    The Bowsprit is also the name of the very much shortened indoctrination book given to participants at the Coast Guard Academy’s “Academy Introduction Mission” which is sorta like high school summer camp for interested kids except they get yelled at and build robots. I never had a Bowsprit (but I have sat in/on one!), only a Running Light (hooray more esoteric nautical terms!) which is what the actual incoming freshmen get to memorize while being yelled at.

  • The bad question, why do people cheat?

    The actual page has since been removed and clicking him returns a 404 error...but they gotta fix the main page to remove him from there too. Whoops.
    KenElPescadoPeladoJennifer PostTad_MachrowiczAaronWebstey

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