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  • 2019 Team - Rooster Endurance

    @PreachSwanson I just love that you call this a "healthy community."
  • Tire help, please.

    @Tuck_n_Roll_Tad_M The SKs. And yes, you're naming the rest of the reasons why I dislike them. In Kansas and Oklahoma sand/clay/flint that has gotten rain, they basically turn into fat bike tires. I do have a pair of the slicks on my mom's surly straggler which I'm babysitting, and joy riding them on paved trail or hardpack is great. Wouldn't take the GK slicks on anything else though.

    My cross bike 2 years ago came with specialized trigger pro's (not 2bliss) on them in a 33c, that's the limit of my experience there. I rode them on a few mixed pave/gravel rides and didn't have any major problems that I recall, but I quickly switched to wider and tubeless.
  • Tire help, please.

    @M_Ware why not just 40 in both front and back? If anything people tend to go wider in back and narrower in front.

    You could also always just get a Lauf fork. After you win the lottery.
  • Tire help, please.

    What's your gravel like? Hard pack, loose, mud,, chunky [insert joke here]? Tubes or tubeless compatible?
  • Hip-hop preferences

    Hit the easy button: "Hip Hop BBQ" station on Pandora.

    My favorite doctor (Dre) is notably missing from the above mentions. I came home from elementary school rapping NWA once (because that's what the bus driver played) and that's probably the closest I ever came to being on the receiving end of corporal punishment.

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