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  • Another Gearing Question

    My local terrain is similar to that of gravel worlds. This is just my personal preferences as they've evolved over the past 3 years...
    On my older cx bike I used for gravel (now single speeded) - 2x, 46/34. Started out with 46/36 and I could climb everything but was out of the saddle a lot. And I'm a lightweight climber. Building up another "race" bike soon and it will be 2x, w/ similar gearing. For hilly areas, I think 2x is the way to go. With a lot of tire clearance, hopefully.

    Drop bar MTB, used for long, long, long stuff and bikepacking - 38T in the front, 11x42 cassette. Spin out some, but frequently fairly loaded down so need the granny gears.

    I've had one for about three weeks now and I love it. That said, I'm a nerd. Also I do shift work and work a billion hours and somehow still think it's a good idea to try to exercise as much as possible. So I got it in an effort to keep myself from being a total dumbass. It's helping and also it's just cool. For example, I came off my last night shift of this particular stretch at 6a today. It just told me I got only 37 minutes of REM sleep this morning, my resting heart rate was pretty good, but my heart rate variability sucked balls. And I have a nice graph about how all my physiological measures trended down, down, down into the toilet over the past 4 night shifts. I'm now going to go do some light exercise and try to sleep again, rather than hammer out something dumb and wake up feeling like death again tomorrow.

    I found a coupon code online and think I got it for closer to $230.
  • Ask Lucy Charles anything (sort of)

    Could she please tell everyone to stop swimming with headphones?
  • Buying a used bike from Canada

    I did this (found on Pinkbike) with my first CX bike. The only extra fees I had to pay was customs...I set up bike flights for the seller to ship to me, and got a call from a lady in customs. Something about an extra fee if it's a bicycle. If it's not in a bike box you can supposedly avoid that.
  • Trainer Season Is Here - What To Binge Watch?

    Just finished all of House of Lies (Prime), not on the trainer, but while charting which is even more boring. Endorse.

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