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  • Minimal Multisport Podcast - Ep. 8 BEN HOBBS!

    I enjoyed this.
    For the reasons so eloquently detailed by Tad above, as well as as a reminder of ye olden days. Ben is still a good talker.
    M_WareGranpa ChookTad_MgregkAaronWebsteykjrunninCraig_D
  • Let's See Your Critters

    This is Colby. I decided it would be smart to dog sit while working nights. Colby has an impressive 13-hr bladder and likes to eat origami cranes while I'm gone.
    M_WareItsShugKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyJennifer PostTad_MDark_markkjrunninCraig_DIanLslickfins_Ryan
  • Tire help, please.

    @Tuck_n_Roll_Tad_M The SKs. And yes, you're naming the rest of the reasons why I dislike them. In Kansas and Oklahoma sand/clay/flint that has gotten rain, they basically turn into fat bike tires. I do have a pair of the slicks on my mom's surly straggler which I'm babysitting, and joy riding them on paved trail or hardpack is great. Wouldn't take the GK slicks on anything else though.

    My cross bike 2 years ago came with specialized trigger pro's (not 2bliss) on them in a 33c, that's the limit of my experience there. I rode them on a few mixed pave/gravel rides and didn't have any major problems that I recall, but I quickly switched to wider and tubeless.
  • Tire help, please.

    @M_Ware home after 13 hours including pulling a bee out of the biggest sissy man ever's ear, with 18 charts to do. So of course I'd rather answer tire questions ;)

    I've used Maxxis Ramblers, Panaracer Gravel Kings, Terrene Elwoods, and Vittoria Terreno in a 40. All good all-surface tires. The Ramblers are prob my favorite as they're light and fast-rolling with good sidewall protection. Tons of people swear by the Gravel King but I found that they collect tiny rocks and occasionally throw them into your frame. Elwoods were good in dry conditions but terrible in sand or wet, and I put a stick through one on a class C road (it sealed though, yay orange seal). Currently running the Vittoria's. They're heavier but bomb-proof and have been good in everything I've ridden them through so far.
  • Trs unofficial gravel division.

    I’m in Minnesota, tons of gravel rides/races around here! So I’m planning on doing quite a few this next year.
    Land Run 100 Stillwater, OKMarch 16
    Ragnorok 105 Red Wing,MN April 6
    Alamonzo 100 Spring Valley, MN May 18
    DK200 (if I get in) June 1
    Day across MN 240 Mid August
    I’m sure that I will probably do additional smaller events around Minnesota throughout the rest of the year! I’m also planning on a cycling trip or two over the winter, because I don’t quite see myself skiing yet. I’m thinking Arizona and or Texas sometime between December and March for a week.
    @mbrekk44 If you decide on a winter week in Texas, you should think about lining it up with Texas Chainring Massacre at the end of January. I'll admit that I'm biased because the RD is a personal friend and I've spent a decent amount of time riding around that area...but it's a great event, and there's whiskey at the end.
    M_WareTad_MItsShugJennifer Postmbrekk44

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