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  • Trainer Season Is Here - What To Binge Watch?

    Just finished all of House of Lies (Prime), not on the trainer, but while charting which is even more boring. Endorse.
  • Fat bike for a fat guy

    I have a steel framed Pugsley and you can probably find one of those used for around that. Solid bike, figuratively and literally. It’s not as sexy as some of my friends Carbon fat bikes, but I have a blast on if.
    +1 for a Pugsley. I don't own one but have ridden one. I co-own a Surly Straggler (long story) and am a fan of Surly bikes, especially for what you get for your money. Steel is real. Join the Salsa & Surly Trader page on the bookface and you can probably find a good deal on an older model.
  • 2016 Specialized CruX Expert Evo - SCS Hub Issues?

    I'm late to this Crux party. Bummer about your shoe overlap issue. I have a 2015 Crux Expert that served me really well through my first 1.5 years of gravel before I built up a Salsa Cutthroat. I'm in the process of converting the Crux to single speed now, just for extra masochism.
    Granpa ChookM_WareRash
  • Exerscience

    Assuming that the latter half of your question is serious,
    (1) Yes
    (2) No and yes, depending on how you're defining healthy. In terms of just your cardiovascular system - yes, as per the research Hutchinson cites. In terms of hormonal imbalance, chronically elevated cortisol and the downstream effects of such - more likely no.
  • Commute bag advise

    Topo Designs. Also on the pricey side but frequent sales. I have a bag that has held up well so far from them.

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