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AJ Baucco


AJ Baucco
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  • How do you pay little or no bike fee on United

    I have used the hen house and had no issues, or @AJ Baucco hockey bag
    AJ, was it here or your blog where you did a little how-to on the hockey bag trick?
    I never did a blog about it.... The hockey bag has worked for me 99% of the time. The only time it didn't work was the 1 time that I flew United. Fuck them.... still worth a shot though. The key is disguising the bike and then lying to them no matter what. Do Canadians know how to lie?
    M_WareAaronWebsteyTad_MachrowiczKenElPescadoPeladoKelly O'MaraBrent_Ryournotunique
  • Bike bag/box

    AJ stickin' it to the TJ!
    Haha, not sure if I am trying to do that. But flying out of Denver, the Hen House is very risky. Might as well have a giant hard case with the words "BIKE!!!" written on it
  • Will Ben Hobbs let me Coach him?

    Back in Kona, Ben was talking about getting fit for 2017 and doing some races with the team. Well now is his chance to put his money where his mouth is (literally)....

    I have one spot open on my personal athlete roster. I haven't taken a new athlete on in well over a year. I like to keep my personal roster on the smaller side so it is very rare that I take on new athletes. I am confident that I can roll up my sleeves and turn Ben into a less fat version of himself. I believe in him.

    This is Ben's chance, but if he doesn't want the spot... I am happy to give it to someone else that's a good fit.
    idking90AaronWebsteylessthanmikeKuchHSeeley14ellsworth53tGasBombccochraneDawnCTad_MachrowiczrangamelCraig DMamaCheetahtoebutt769Kelly O'MarahaywarmiGrantInSLCjimmymstevensonJason LentzkeNotSoFatLew
  • The Official Beer Mile Discussion

    Seriously, based on the rules, how much are you allowed to spit after each chug?
    How dare everyone assume this is a joke. I'm asking serously. There is some gratuitous spitting post chug in the race, and I'm wondering if that would cause one of the competitors to be upset at the spitter for:
    1. Not consuming the whole beer
    2. Wasting alcohol
    3. Getting your shoes wet, prior to puking on them yourself
    4. Creating a catastrophically dangerous running surface at the critical transition area

    I'll let everyone debate over which offense(s) is most serious, but I was originally asking a serious question with item #1 in mind.
    You aren't allowed to spit at all.... IMO Nathan Killam should have been DQ'd. Not sure about Libin. Kona Beer Mile is now about who can cheat the best.... similar to Ironman Kona ;-) #beerdopers
  • The Official Beer Mile Discussion
    @Tommy Zaferes drank root beer in 2015.
    Hahah I love Tommy, but he should have been in the children's division :-)
    M_Wareidking90Craig DGrantInSLCAaronWebsteyMartinDark_mark

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