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  • BAAW Thread?

    Leg me clear things up....2 bottles and one flat kit, 2 rear lights and one front light (drivers suck!), both flip wheels just one with the black break track. But I concede on the other points!
  • Another “well thought out” article from the other site...

    well except for Slowman comparing her sharing a file to him wearing George Clooney’s tux. I mean those are the same things...
    That comparison is hilariously bad

    Yes that was just dumb. But nothing surprises me with that site anymore. It's like looking at the sun, I know it's bad but I can't look away!
    Robert RankinmaggieruNotSoFatLewTad_Mfyrehaar
  • Dark Mark trolling ST

    That was a fun thread. You need to change your name then troll everyone again. Always fun seeing the confusion of people who take themselves too seriously.
  • Look at my new toy: A slowtwitch story.

    If you make it an even dollar I’ll run with my shirt off too @AaronWebstey! Heck I’ll sell my soul for a hundred! Ha
    AaronWebsteyRobert RankinCraig_D
  • Look at my new toy: A slowtwitch story.

    Maybe someone needs to write an article about how I finally pulled the trigger on a treadmill when it was on sale for $899! And that was still tough to do. It lets me run at the speed it wants, isn’t super loud, fits in my basement, and I can still buy my baby diapers!
    You're an inspiration to triathletes everywhere. I'd download the audiobook version of your biography if I had extra credits on Audible
    Well if you don’t have audible credits I’ll alsl accept airline miles. That way I can save money and buy my daughter wipes to go with those diapers!


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