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  • Chicago Recommendations

    Well that makes more sense! Ha. Depends on when you travel. It isn't that bad since there's a high chance there will be construction! But I don't find it too bad even when busy. I also grew up here so I am "used" to the crap traffic!
    @jrielley1406 thanks, but I wasn’t (until now ;) ) worried about getting shot, it’s crazy 8 lane traffic that freaks me out.
  • Another “well thought out” article from the other site...

    Also just imagine the unintended sling shot and drafting on the second lap for her. Hell I’ve done Steelhead one year in a late wave and got a good 5 minutes from sling shot. I know it’s not legal for pros but with people all over the road I imagine it was near impossible for anyone to not gain an advantage on the second lap of the bike.
  • Dark Mark trolling ST

    That was a fun thread. You need to change your name then troll everyone again. Always fun seeing the confusion of people who take themselves too seriously.
  • Chicago Recommendations

    Pequods for sure if you’re getting “deep dish” pizza. But be aware it doesn’t reheat well and you’ll be full after two slices. I can eat a lot and I’m miserable if I eat 3. Ok maybe 4...
  • FS: Xterra Valor Speedsuit and Profile Design J2 bracket kit:..WTB: FLO 90 wheel cover or FLO Disc

    Selling my Medium Long Valor speed suit. Used 2-3 times total. $120 shipped.

    Also for sale brand new Profile Design J2 bracket kit. Bought them so I could adjust pads independent of clamp but didn’t work out. No package but only put one of them on an extension and that’s it!

    Looking to buy a wheel cover for a FLO90 from 2015, I believe the depth is a bit different or a FLO disc possibly.

    Let me know what you have out there! Oh and buy my speed suit so I can buy other stuff!

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