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  • Come Visit Michigan - August 16-19

    I'm just showing up with minimal plans to work out
  • Let's See Your Critters

    Hopefully next week. Gotta talk to the little ones and see what they came up with. Erika said that tonight they were much more calmed down (they had been caught with a clinch pole yesterday and I'm sure it was tramatic ) she was in with them tonight and was able to handle all three . One of them is Richard tho. He's the first one to lash out and growl. I kinda wanna name one Rhonda (my mother in law's name is Rhonda and I just think that would be funny to have Rhonda raccoon)
    @ItsShug when will we know their names? <3 </blockquote>

  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    Oh Andy, say it ain’t so :'(

    Jesus I thought Potts already jumped the shark with those damn gator skins..
    M_WareTuck_n_Roll_Tad_MJennifer Post
  • Oh Canada

    Jennifer PostM_WareMattTuck_n_Roll_Tad_MAaronWebsteywchevron
  • Post a picture or .gif that sums up your last workout

    After 23 years of near misses on foot and on the bike, today I took action to thwart the evil chameleon rock of the prairie road west of our hayfield. Take that MF!

    Some of the shittiest field we ever cut in were between highmoore and Seneca. We'd break 10 sections a day pushing though those rocks

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