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  • Do you like data and analytics?

    Yeah I know you do.
    But this raises a few issues I didn't know were a thing.
    1. I've never heard of bowsette porn.
    2. I'm disturbed that Henti is second most searched.
    3. Kansas 9 minutes 21 seconds.

  • Seattle Restaurant

    I hear there's a really cool local coffee shop you check out. Starbucks I think. Named it after a fighter pilot from Battlestar Galactica If I remember right.
    AaronWebsteyGranpa Chook
  • Ask a Farmer Anything

    I’m afraid my post went over everybody’s head
  • Ask a Farmer Anything

    Do you have a good story about a large ammonia tank release?
    not as serious as mitch's. But Jefferson County Kansas was the Meth capital of kansas. For some reason liquid anhydrous ammonia was a major ingredient in most meth recipes. So when we were done applying anhydrous for the night we would always have to bring the bar back with us and lock it up in our shop. if not the meth heads would come out after dark and drain the entire tank. A friend of the families that was with the sheriffs office once pulled a truck over where they had a teenage drive, and two men in the single cab pickup. on the lap of the passenger there was a cooler with a dryer hose attached to it and a sliding metal door that they were using like a valve. Inside the cooler was liquid anhydrous (probably mostly gas at this point). absolutely insane man.

    There is also a pretty real danger that if you break a sheer bolt on the applicator you have to be very very cautious about wind direction when you jump out to fix it. Most applicators have built in relief valves that will pop if the line gets over pressurized from the liquid boiling off. When the reliefs lifts it sprays ammonia out and if your in the middle of changing out a sheer bolt you'll suddenly find yourself in an ammonia cloud.
    AaronWebsteyNHetroRobert Rankin
  • Ask a Farmer Anything

    Kill Kubota
    Marry John Deere
    Fuck then kill Toro
    Yes. 10000x yes.

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