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  • New Ironman venues

    @idking90 I agree with you there. Having done Boulder and enjoyed the crowd support, particularly on the run course, it doesn't make sense to me
    idking90James Lange
  • New Ironman venues

    You can tell me all you want about Tulsa, but...

    I don't really understand this. I like to do triathlons in cool and new places, why does it matter if it's not a huge hub for triathlon? Even though Tulsa does have a large triathlon community.
  • New Ironman venues

    wow @Mark_after_Dark doesn't have time for a podcast, but he can write that?

    That said, I'm sold on Tulsa Tough next year. Get me under 5 hours, then cry my way up cry baby hill on sunday!
    I am working on a podcast, but a major diversion from the previous format. This one will have audible nudity (fine tuning the science now).
  • New Ironman venues

    Alright @Mark_after_Dark, you've convinced me that Tulsa is on par with other great US Ironman cities (Madison, Chattanooga, Mesa, Panama City, the list goes on and on). I still don't think I'll ever do the race so long as it is in May though. If I was doing to take on the cost of doing a US Ironman it would definitely be one of the September races because training through the winter up here really fucking sucks.
    Oh, it is going to be hot on race day for sure, and during tornado season. However, Tulsa has been spared mostly from tornadoes due to specially placed Indian burial grounds. It is all really technical and scientific so I won't bore you with the details, but it works.
    bbculpTad_MM_WareAaronWebsteyMartinJames Lange
  • New Ironman venues

    Ok, this is for @James Lange's info, as well as anyone else that has no idea what Tulsa is, and why this is a great location for an Ironman.

    -Tulsa has an incredibly vibrant food and music culture. Cain's Ballroom is a historic venue that big name bands go out of their way to play at. I lost my virginity in the bathroom during a Foo Fighters concert there. There are more restaurants there that are phenomenal than there are Chins in China, or at the food court at the West Edmonton Mall.

    -Literally 100 miles of paved bike trails.

    No worrying about getting coal rolled by a little dicked redneck in a jacked up F350 on these trails, not that it matters, because

    -Tulsa has a massive cycling community, and the non-riders of the city have embraced their cyclists and for the most part, do not hassle them. They host the largest and most prestigious crit racing weekend in the country at Tulsa Tough, where teams from far away lands like Australia, and Missouri, come to compete at the races that go from cat 5 all the way to pro. They even let the women race. On the Sunday race, Cry Baby Hill, it basically turns into Hedonism III, as the entire city comes out to party. Nudity, open drug use - this is what cycling is about. At the Wednesday Night Ride, over 300 riders come to ride the classic course that winds its way through the center of town and out into the rolling hills of the Tulsa countryside, and friends will find each other afterwards at any of the numerous breweries that are dotted all over town. Plus, more incredible coffee shops that you can shake a stick at. Trust me, I tried. Could not shake that stick.

    -Oklahoma has no natural bodies of water, which mean there are no God-given mistakes with water placement here in his rushed 6 days of Creation (on the 7th day He took a recovery day). It was up to us, MAN, to decide where water should be, and they did a good job putting lakes where God would have put them, probably, if He had the time. Here is Skiatook Lake, once a shitty valley with dumb looking trees, now a pristine body of water with thousands of live fish and barely any dead prostitutes.

    -Tulsa just opened The Gathering Place, a $465 million park. This was created due to the largest private donation to a municipality, ever. Why would someone donate $800 billion Canadian dollars to a shitty place? They wouldn't.

    -The riding. It is not flat. It is hilly. It is beautiful. A 100 mile loop I would do several times a day had over 4400 feet of climbing. During your ride, you would see all sorts of cattle, steer, dead armadillos, maybe a roadrunner or two, alpacas and majestic trailers draped with coveted wheel covers and carefully hand painted TRUMP signs. These are salt of the Earth people.

    -Tulsa is an incredibly progressive city. Back in the 20's, Tulsa had the busiest airport in the country, because oil. The city is full of beautiful art deco architecture, and a dark history. The Tulsa Race Riot happened in 1921 because a black bellhop stepped on a white girls shoe, or something. What followed was a total massacre of the black community, which included fire bombs being dropped on black owned buildings from fucking airplanes, and some pretty shitty white dudes shooting the occupants as they fled from the burning wreckage. This incident included burning down Black Wall Street, the most independent and successful black community in the country (there is a great book on this, Black Wall Street: From Riot to Renaissance by Hannibal B Johnson. I didn't read it but the summary on Amazon sounds pretty great). This was a bad thing, though. Much of this incident has been white-washed (bet you have never heard of it), but the new progressive mayor has allocated hundreds of thousands of dollars to uncover mass graves and begin true healing over a very dark time in humanity. Perfect timing for a triathlon!

    -Low incidents of terrorist attacks!

    Tulsa has beautiful sunsets (thanks to the wonderful air pollution pushed west from OKC), that perfectly sillhouette the many tall buildings, including the BOK Tower which was designed by the same guy who designed the World Trade Towers. The BOK is exactly the same as the World Trade Towers, except it is only one tower, and it is exactly half as tall. This cuts the possibility of terrorist attacks by 69%. Smart!

    I could go on and on, but if you don't get it by now, that is okay. We all are entitled to our shitty uninformed positions on a place we have never been to or even looked into. @bbculp, if you want to print this in one of your magazines, I will allow it.

    Bonus: Here is the high quality video production of me winning my category (very easily) at Tulsa Tough in 2017.
    MattJennifer PostAaronWebsteyStruangJohns622kjrunninJames LangeTad_MSdog

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