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Jennifer Post


Jennifer Post
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  • Kona Online Tailgate

    I wanted to see new winners but it's heartbreaking to see Frodeno sitting on the ice chest in pain.
  • Triathlon Preview Show 75 - Kona AKA "you can't replace the sun"

    @EmilyCocks I happened to hear your interview on NPR this afternoon. I am so sorry you are going through this loss. Your poise and strength to tell your story was amazing. My heart sank when you talked about trying to decide what to take with you. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with others.
    M_WareAaronWebsteyGranpa ChookSdogfyrehaarEmilyCocks
  • Triathlon Preview Show 71 - 70.3 Worlds

    Two things I just can't forget about today. 1. Lawrence's Bizarre DNF 2. Race won by an alleged doper, coached by an admitted pedophile, and in victory hugged alleged human rights abuser and then finishes it off by shamelessly spraying sponsor's crappy energy drink. Such a bad look for women in sport.
    Granpa ChookbalsdorfM_WareAaronWebsteyscotty
  • Lagerstrom 'makes triathlon fun again' (and makes moustaches cool again)

    So many fires raging in the west right now. Sadly, one of the big fires that broke out this weekend is in the area of Eric's solstice video from the gorge. Heartbreaking.
  • Icarus--Doping Documentary on Netflix

    I agree the filmmaker wasn't clear on what he was trying to accomplish in the first act. I watched assuming he wanted to prove how easy it is to pass drug tests and how dirty sport is. I think he also wanted to show how it takes effort to dope. All the injections, monitoring, etc. It's not as easy as eating a steak or drinking a glass of tainted protein powder. Also, I think he personally wanted to test the benefits of doping and see how he felt and how he improved. I think many competitive people have wondered how doping could help them. If they could try it under the guise of making a documentary, I wonder how many people would say no.

    I agree with Emily that USA isn't clean either. I doubt many countries are clean. I just don't think our programs are all state run as shown in the case of Russia. USA might have a wide-spread program on helping hide test results but any coordinated effort of the doping of athletes would be done at the sport organizing body level and not the country level I think. But, I am the gal that believed Armstrong until the bitter end so I what do I know?

    What's most interesting to me is how jaded I've become about results. A perfect example is the women's steeplechase in London yesterday. First time USA women have gone 1-2 in a distance event at Worlds or Olympics. Silver medalist PRed by 15 seconds to podium in her first global competition. One of the best races I've seen in a long time. Sadly, my reactions follow my normal pattern now. Elation for a great race and results followed quickly by doubts. I hate that I question if every athlete is clean or dirty.

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