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Jennifer Post
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  • Driver Sentenced in Cyclists Deaths

    I think most punishments I've seen are insignificant. One of the worst stories I've read about was in Boulder. The DUI-driving piece of trash pled to vehicular homicide and got max 12 years sentence but still just a sliver of what she deserves in my opinion. Her family testified that she was a kind and caring Christian and the judge should sentence her to the low-end of the sentencing range.

    "Police said the results of a blood test showed Kuhasz had a blood-alcohol level of 0.148 three hours after the crash. The test also indicated metabolites of cocaine and THC, which indicated Kuhasz had used the drugs at some time before the crash.

    Kuhasz was still on probation for driving while ability impaired in Boulder in March 2016 and also had two other prior alcohol-related arrests — one for DUI and one for public intoxication."
  • Martini Saturday approaches - reserve your copy of Caddyshack today!

    I finally watched it. Unfortunately, down with the flu so no Saturday martini for me. Perhaps next year.
  • Ever crashed on the trainer?

    I was so excited I finally had a crash story of my own j
    to share on triroost that Inforgot the picture!
  • Ever crashed on the trainer?

    Yes. One of the most embarrassing things I’ve done. I was at an early morning group class and forgot to swap out my skewer before mounting my bike on a computrainer.

    I slammed my neck and jaw on the adjusting knob of the empty trainer near me as I fell. So lucky it wasn’t worse.

    At first, I thought I was ok and went home to rest instead of heading to work. Refused offers of help at the time but later went to ER on my own as the pain got worse. Most interesting thing to me was how I had to keep repeating the story of how I did it. No one seemed to believe it was possible to fall off "a bike machine at a gym." Someone asked me if I wanted to see a counselor which really threw me for a loop. Finally, someone new started his shift and was sent to talk with me because he was a cyclist. He confirmed that my story was odd but it could happen. I asked him why I was offered a counselor. He explained that I had shown up alone at the ER the morning after Valentine's Day and they had suspected domestic abuse since abuse around Valentine's Day is so common. Ugh.

    Here's a *lovely* picture about 5 days after I fell.
  • Kona Online Tailgate

    I wanted to see new winners but it's heartbreaking to see Frodeno sitting on the ice chest in pain.

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