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Jennifer Post
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  • WTS Abu Dhabi

    Found my answers. Duffy hasn’t raced since Yokohama last year. She posted detailed update to Twitter. Who is her coach now? Did her husband Dan Hugo take over when she left Neal Henderson? I hate seeing an athlete lose close to a year due to what looks like poor injury management.

  • Let's See Your Critters

    RIP Freja
    Aug 25, 2002 - Feb 18, 2019

    Best. Dog. Ever!
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  • What's up with The Collins Cup (Pro Triathlon Org) tweets?

    I’d honestly forgotten about the PTO/Collins Cup. Going to that Twitter feed, it seems they’ve punted the inaugural Collins Cup now until 2020.
    This is after the PTU formed in 2015, announced the Collins Cup in 17 to occur in 2018, and I guess at some point pushed that to 2019.
    It’s just interesting that they haven’t given up yet.
    I couldn’t remember when they kicked off PTU which became PTO and now just rebranded The Collins Cup. I had to laugh at one of the comments on Twitter about it being vaporware.

    I just feel for the long-course Pros. They are their own worst enemies. They lost at least a year due to arguments over the use of “Union” when they first launched.

    I even contributed $100 at some point when they were asking for fans to support. Just can’t recall if that was for PTU/PTO or Shoemaker’s earlier attempt at a union. I was always curious if they ended up with more fans supporting their efforts than athletes.

    All I know is that every time I visit Dick’s, I think about all the long-course Pros that would be making better money serving burgers.
  • Alcohol-free January, anyone?

    I am but it's more a by-product of getting back on keto than targeting alcohol. My autoimmune disease symptoms flared up over the holidays from so many indulgences that I really needed to do a firm keto reset to start feeling better. Alcohol, sadly, is out for a bit until I start feeling better.
  • Racist drama in my small town

    Even in very liberal Seattle, all you have to do is leave the city and head out 30 mins to the countryside to see rebel flags. Or just drive by the Boeing factory employee parking lot in Everett. Disgusting assholes.

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