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Jennifer Post


Jennifer Post
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    Warning. I have pulled out my soapbox.

    I don’t think people are worried about a draft. Our income differences and reduction in social programs drives enlistment. Even the kids that manage to get an education get sucked back in.

    I have a close friend that is in the Navy. Deployed for second time Sept 15. Expected to come home to his base (JAX) March/April but that seems TBD now. He enlisted at age 30 after struggling through his 20s to find stability with odd jobs and sporadic community college courses. Classic story of kid raised in foster home system and didn’t have safety net. For so many, the military is their only safety net.

  • The TriRoost "Cool 40 under 40!" list

    Aren't I like one of the only ones under 40 on this forum?

    I have to self-disqualify from the under 40 list.

  • Post a picture or .gif that sums up your last workout

    I swim at a local university. About 15 min before masters ends, the college team comes in and warms up on the deck. I just imagine them looking at us thinking, " God these guys suck."
    Similar experience. The National and Senior Performance groups practice after our Saturday morning masters. What is even funnier is one time after our workout playlist included Pearl Jam, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, several of us overheard the kids talking about how they wished they could swim with an “Oldies” playlist too.
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  • Fantasy Tour de France 2019 - win a Roost t-shirt!

    My selected team in the general league doesn't carry over to the Roost league?

    This has got to be the WORST layout/UI I've ever seen.
    So bad! The location selector was the worst I’ve ever seen. I kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling hoping to find America/Seattle but it wasn’t there. No way I was going to scroll all the way back up to America/Los Angeles so I held strong and kept my pace and finally made it to America/Vancouver so I am at least in the correct time zone.

  • WTS Abu Dhabi

    Found my answers. Duffy hasn’t raced since Yokohama last year. She posted detailed update to Twitter. Who is her coach now? Did her husband Dan Hugo take over when she left Neal Henderson? I hate seeing an athlete lose close to a year due to what looks like poor injury management.


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