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Jennifer Post


Jennifer Post
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  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    Alcohol would have been a healthier choice over these crack cookies.

  • TRS Episode 101 - The Actual Starky

    One of those rare TRS podcasts, where I end up wishing I could get my time back. I was not impressed with him at all. After listening to his interview, it became clear to me why so few triathletes stepped up to support him after his incident in the middle east and the drama-rama about his claims of being jailed and paying "blood money." Happy to hear his son is doing better though. I donated $50 but given that he voted for Trump, I wish I could get the $50 and put it towards someone losing their Obamacare.
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    So sorry for your loss @ItsShug
  • Yokohama - a dog's breakfast of Olympic qualifications

    @cathcam I don't think US should send 3 men. I don't think it makes sense to send a guy that finished 58th in the Rio test event and 17th in Yoko when men's field was missing all the top contenders with the exception of Mola. I really don't like the country slot allocations because every Olympics some very top athletes don't make their country squad. I'd rather see the top 55 in ITU points list during the qualification period get slots regardless of country.

    As for your other point about Gwen being invincible. No, I don't think she is invincible but I still think the other two women that are among the world's best should be able to compete. If USAT goes with a domestique instead of Katie I hope it backfires on them like it did on GB on their home soil when they went with Hall. I'd be quite happy to see a podium with Hewitt at the top followed by others such as Duffy, Norden, Sanford, Jenkins, Gentle, or True. 

    And yes, I realize I am not a selector so as you point out it doesn't really matter but I still am allowed my opinion as a fan.

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