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Jennifer Post


Jennifer Post
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  • POTM November 2017 - UPDATED SCORING

    Was it really a Kia? When friends bring up training accidents in conversations, I always shut them down by telling them your story and amazing recovery. But I always thought it was a big ol’ truck. I think at some point I took creative license and started saying the truck was rolling coal.

    I like my version better so think I will stick with it.
    M_WareKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyMartinCraig DkjrunninwchevronTad_MachrowiczmaggieruRobert RankinMattMamaCheetah
  • Island House Tri media

    It's really pretty insane. Especially when labeled as a highlights video. You could watch the full clip and still not know what the standings were after the first day of racing.

    Sadly, I am eagerly awaiting the upload of today's highlights. Will it also be in all slomo? I wonder if he was contractually obligated to deliver a 6min highlights video and didn't have enough video at regular speed to fill 6 mins so he went slomo....

    M_WareCraig DkjrunninEmilyCocksGranpa ChookKenElPescadoPeladoTad_Machrowiczaltayloraus
  • Sufferfest 4DP

    I skimmed through the thread after seeing this discussion. I hope it was a orchestrated. The only other alternative I see is AC was on a meth-fueled rage. Allegedly.
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    I don't think I will ever tire of the term "slowtwitch stepmother." I laugh aloud every.single.time.
    M_WareMattMartinCraig DKenElPescadoPelado
  • Kona Online Tailgate

    When one of the hosts has to do an awkward product demo? The Ironman-branded blender a few years ago was especially amusing.

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