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Jennifer Post


Jennifer Post
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  • Island House Tri media

    I know that the focus for Island House Tri is their broadcast after the event but I have to say I still expected more. I think their coverage this year went backwards from the first two years. It's like they didn't even try this year after seeing what Superleague does.

    And just WTH is this "highlights" video from the first day? It's like a high school kid discovered slomo for the first. time.

    I did enjoy the Instagram updates from the athletes though and the actual racing the last day seemed exciting.
  • Jorgensen Quits Tri?

    I wondered if there was more behind the move to Beaverton. Seemed odd how she always talked about missing family but then moved to Oregon and not her midwest home. Makes sense now with her marathon goals and Portland area being a hotspot for distance training. Her video was telling where she says that "triathlon picked her." She always seemed a bit of a reluctant champion. Happy to see she is going after a goal she said she picked herself.
    Granpa ChookAaronWebsteyMattM_Wareidking90Craig DMamaCheetah
  • 2018 Southwest US Tris

    I'd suggest Pacific Crest in Bend, OR at the end of June. Great event. Bend is gorgeous. You could stalk the endurance Pros that train in Bend too. Who wouldn't want to try to get in a bro-photo with Jesse and Matt? And so many amazing breweries .
  • Andrew Talansky to Triathlon

    he won't podium in 2018.
    Based on how many 70.3s get turned into duathlons these days, I bet he will.
    I think TriRoost needs to sponsor a head-to-head duathlon featuring Alan Webb vs. Andrew Talansky. May the best runner or cyclist win.
    M_WareMartinAaronWebsteysimonsen77mbrekk44RashCraig DTad_Machrowicz
  • Challenge Aruba Updates and Photos

    Looks like a blast. For those of us playing along at home, would you mind tagging/naming people in photos? Fun to put names to faces. Thanks!

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