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Jennifer Post


Jennifer Post
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  • Those moments that you're so lazy you actually make more work for yourself

    I hear the USC fight song in my head when I see the logo. Anyone else?
  • Super League Malta

    I love seeing the athletes get big checks. $20k per round win and $100k for series final is fantastic. Anyone know what the athletes on contract get? I assume bigger names get bigger contracts but curious what the standard contract is for athletes who don’t make podiums.
    AaronWebsteyGranpa Chook
  • Super League Malta

    I love seeing all the social media posts from Mallorca. The athletes are being treated like rockstars. Even had a chartered A319 for direct flight from Malta. The Rafa Nadal Academy looks amazing too. I saw that TZaferes got a race slot due to his swim TT he did after the elites where he finished 5th.
  • Super League Malta

    Sorry @slickfins_Ryan , I'm claiming Luis. That is one alpha motherfucker.
    I love how TriRoost has adopted Vincent Luis as our idol. Much more sensible choice than Sanders like that other site. Even with a bad tattoo he wins.

    Granpa ChookAaronWebsteyKenElPescadoPelado
  • Super League Malta

    Another day of exciting racing. Can't wait until next weekend. I continue to be entertained by the commentary. The strategy discussions on when certain athletes should take the shortcut (super?) chute was really interesting.

    The back and forth teasing between the commentators is amusing too. Excluding the actual race commentary, my favorite bit was when Ali made the comment about being "a cultured Englishman among two uncultured Aussies" when Macca had started teasing him for studying Malta history in prep for the race.
    Granpa Chook

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