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Jennifer Post


Jennifer Post
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  • Gold Coast ITU

    @James Lange I was just on Filliol’s IG and realized I forgot that Jo Brown and Caroline Routier are JFT Crew too. My friends from the Mighty North might not forgive my oversight of Jo Brown. Swoory.
    AaronWebsteyJames Lange
  • Gold Coast ITU

    @James Lange I haven't found a full list but if you follow TZaferes and Drew Box on Instagram you'll see them all. At least the JFT Crew athletes. The work he does with the Italian athletes is often separate.

    These are the ones for sure that I see in many photos/videos.
    Mola, Luis, Birtwhistle, Van Riel, Jelle Geens, KZaferes, Emma Jackson

    Up until this season he also coached Murray and Klamer. Drew Box used to race but retired to start coaching with Filliol.

    @Granpa Chook @AaronWebstey In case you are interested, these are a few of the other questions and answers I remembered because I found them interesting.

    How often do you test lactate?
    --I haven't since 2006

    Do you look at power in run training?

    Do you look at HR or power in cycling?

    Do your athletes train with HR?
    --No. RPE.

    Junior swimmer looking to do World Cups and need to improve my swim. What do you recommend?
    --Build to 30km over 8 sessions a week

    Question about Mario's potential as a runner (don't remember exact wording)
    --Don't know. He trains for his sport which is swim, bike, run.

    Who is strongest cyclist on the squad?
    --They are all strong. They train all 3 sports. I can't say who is strongest cyclist. (But, answer was placed on photo of Marten Van Riel. ;)

    Who is fastest freestylist?
    --Tommy Zaferes

    How long do your athletes have off after season?
    --3 weeks unstructured

    Some question about number of recovery days
    --Athletes take active recovery days so they never have a day off

    How do you keep your athletes consistent and uninjured?
    --Big focus on conditioning. Less focus on high-intensity training. Athletes train 25-30 hours a week.

    How do your athletes taper?
    --All differently. Depends both on mental and physical needs.

    Athletes can have problems sleeping. How do you address?
    --Tell them to turn off their devices earlier.

    Are you going to start an international development squad?
    --No. My development work is with the Italian federation.

    bbculpMattM_WareAaronWebsteyJames LangeGranpa ChookTuck_n_Roll_Tad_M
  • Gold Coast ITU

    @Granpa Chook Re Murray, I was surprised he answered at all so I replayed because I was trying to see if there was more behind his answer. So, take this with a big grain of salt. Right before he answered a question about Murray, he answered a question about what the most important factor in a coach-athlete relationship was and he said mutual respect and ability to listen to each other. Then, next question was how the top athletes are able to train with each other and he said the athletes learn to always focus on the work to be done and don’t compete. They support and push but don’t compete. Then, the Murray question followed about why he left the squad. Joel said that Murray needed a change. Didn’t blast him but was very short and I took that to mean the environment wasn’t working for him. Given that I sometimes “curate” online chats and Q&A questions in a specific order to tell a marketing story, I couldn’t help but wonder if Joel may have been answering questions in that specific order for a reason. But, as I said, take it with a grain of salt.

    After following his Ask Anything story, I am more impressed with him that I was before. One question was about his podcast and if it might return and he said possibly during the off-season. I hope it does.
    AaronWebsteyM_WareGranpa Chook
  • Gold Coast ITU

    @James Lange I love the comment about a teardrop tattoo and Vincent Luis. His chest tattoo is ginormous so I wouldn't be surprised by a teardrop at this point. I totally agree about Blummenfelt too being his own worst enemy. He was in the Norweigan press before Gold Coast promising a Gold medal in Tokyo. Hmmmm.

    @Granpa Chook I swear I got seasick watching the rough swim and nearly suffered a panic attack at the buoy carnage. Wow.

    My favorite part overall was JFT Crew sweeping the WTS season rankings. Amazed that Filliol coached 4 of the top 10. Filliol answered tons of questions on Instagram story using the Ask Me Anything feature. Some really interesting questions and pretty honest answers even on sensitive questions like what it was like working with the National Federations and why Murray left the squad.
    Granpa ChookAaronWebstey
  • Gold Coast ITU


    Fun watching the race last night. I really thought Katie had it and was really impressed with Holland coming back strong. Wish Katie would have won the championship but Holland definitely earned it.

    I wish the front bike group could have stayed away. I hope the men's front group manages to stay away this evening.

    I couldn't help but feel for Summer Cook. I know she crashed early in the season but what else is going on? Does she have an injury? She was in front group out of T1 and kept dropping back and back and further back. I know she's always struggled a bit on the bike but to this level was surprising. Way behind into T2. She normally has a strong run and she did make some gains passing people but her run still wasn't even in top 20. I noticed on IG that she is working out with Jim Vance so I assume she left The Triathlon Squad? She did so well at Superleague last year so I hope she does well again this year to end her season on an upswing.


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