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Jennifer Post


Jennifer Post
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  • New Ironman venues

    I'm biased, but I'd love to have something in the PNW, June-Sep. I'm still surprised WTC hasn't bought Pacific Crest and turned it into Bend 70.3, added a pro race, cancel the pro race, and cancel the entire race two years later. Classic WTC move.

    I enjoyed Lake Stevens 70.3, I wish that was still around. There are lots of great locations in Oregon/Wash and not much competition.

    I live in Seattle but my PNW pick would be Hood River. Super close to Portland airport. It has every outdoor sport you want. It’s beautiful. Many of Eric Lagerstrom’s videos are shot in the area so you can see how pretty it is.

    Bonus is that Sunny Garcia spends a lot of time at his place in White Salmon across the river so no chance of Macca ever showing up.

    Tad_MM_WarekjrunninAaronWebsteyMartinGranpa ChookbbculpKenElPescadoPelado
  • WTS Abu Dhabi

    Dang, that’s terrible. I din’t know she left Henderson. When did that happen?
    I think it was announced after the 2017 season but I could be wrong. It might have been after 2016 but I think it was 2017 because she made lots of changes after 2017 season. Got married, spent more time in South Africa, changed bike sponsor and left Pearl Azumi after being with them for years.

    I remember Flora and Neal both posted on social media about ending their coaching relationship after 9 years.

    I looked quickly for the old posts but couldn't find them. I did find this article where she talks about having 3 coaches and her tendency to get injured and not always hold back as much as needed.
    Granpa Chook
  • Best media player box? Uh also triathlon something something

    I cut the cord about 2 years ago and used Leaf HDTV antenna for a year but it still kind of sucked with all the Seattle hills. I’d have to move it based on Channel I was watching. Gave up and signed up for streaming. Love it! They offer a cycling package add-on that I don’t have but friends rave about it.
  • Kona Doping

    I believed all the way until June 2012 that Lance was clean. Finally accepted he doped when news came out that 4 former US Postal team members had "asked" US Cycling not to consider them for the 2012 London team. Because, yeah, athletes spend years talking about their goal to race in the Olympics and then suddenly change their minds and "ask" to not be considered. Athletes, they are so fickle! heh
    SdogMattAaronWebsteyGranpa Chook
  • Kona Doping

    @Robert Rankin

    When I heard Jan wasn't on the Oceanside start list, yes, that was the first thing I thought. That he had been swept up in it. But, I don't follow LC nearly as closely as I do SC so don't know if he had been planning to race or not. I just assumed he would. As for "I think Jan and Ryf are too big to fall though, and it would get swept away (or at least attempted to) should their names be mentioned", I've always suspected they had been caught doping at some point but that WTC and other orgs have kept it quiet. Just like so many other sports, triathlon has the same rumors that the governing bodies are selective in who is exposed and who isn't. I just think this time it might be different and they won't/can't be protected. We'll see. I was basically in the last dozen people in the world that believed Lance was clean. So, probably because of being so naive for so long, I now lean towards assuming any unreal performance is an indication of doping.
    Robert RankinSdogAaronWebsteyKenElPescadoPeladoGranpa Chookslickfins_Ryan

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