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Jennifer Post


Jennifer Post
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  • Milan San Remo

    Just saw a replay of Cavendish's crash. I hope he is ok. That looked brutal. As others have commented, why no course official with a flag in front of the barrier? Insane.
  • March Madness 2018!!

    Blew up my bracket but I love a Cinderella story. Bonus points for having Retrievers as their mascot. Woof!
  • March Madness 2018!!

    My bracket got ugly last night. I was hoping my upset pick for Davidson to beat Kentucky would pay off. Tight game but nope. Told myself after that game that at least I knew Arizona was a sure bet...... ;)

    I expect today to be worse. Happy Friday.
    AaronWebsteyM_WareCraig D
  • February 2018 Challenge

    I made it to 19000. Not the intended goal but still happy since I know total would have been much lower without the challenge. Best part was realizing @rangamel swam more in one day than I did the entire month.
    M_WareCraig DAaronWebsteykjrunninPreachSwansonrangamelTad_MachrowiczGranpa Chooksimonsen77
  • 2018 ITU WTS

    @Tad_Machrowicz I agree! Mechanical doping is where it is at! I prefer the idea of the athletes brazenly racing with motors if they are going to cheat. Doping in private is so boring.

    In all seriousness, I am just fascinated by the idea of motors. How is the tech so advanced that athletes get away with it? Or, is it just officials looking away? I love seeing all the videos from the big races that get posted supposedly showing the use of motors. The ones out of Cross Worlds in February were really impressive.

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