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  • The WTF bowl!

    My motto is: When in doubt, throw it out.

    ....and pay for it later.

  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    My favorite Lance story was when I lived in Austin around 2013 and he'd occasionally join this weekly Thursday morning run. The first time he came there were maybe 6-7 of us and I went to introduce myself and he was very standoffish/kind of a jerk. Then he and his friend ran maybe 10-15 seconds in front of the rest of the pack for the entire loop of Town Lake. I'll give him some slack because it was right around the whole Oprah saga/public shaming but still very odd.
  • Let's See Your Critters

    Everyone please send pawsitive thoughts to resident TRS critter Lucy. She should be better from her December battle with pancreatitis but her blood work this week came back as “bad yet very confusing” so we’re pretty much starring in our own episode of House. We see a new specialist on Monday to see if we can get her a TUE for her weird liver, thyroid and kidney levels.
  • Culprit Aero Stem and Aerobars

    Honestly I’m not surprised. People are either far too cheap or are looking to buy the whole bike right out of the box ready to go. People say I have a “Frankenstein” bike because I’m not riding stock components and took the time to get the components I wanted on top of the frame I wanted. It’s a bummer—one of the best bike fitters in Boulder (Ivan OG) mentioned this to me as one of the biggest opportunities to spice up the front end of mid-range tri bikes.
  • Kona Online Tailgate

    Update re: Matt - a van that was not supposed to be on course pulled out in front of him and he went through a window, suffering a laceration of his neck.

    He and his wife Gillian are really amazing people, please send positive thoughts their way.
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