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Granpa Chook


Granpa Chook
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  • Cam Wurf is going to win Kona

    I think it’s too hot in Kona for Wurf to run well there.

    Pretty weak field at Ironman Australia, is this sport dead yet?
  • Heavy/Death/Grind/Black/Weird Metal

    @Matt a couple songs were solid but most were meh and really repetitive. I didn’t like them.
  • Unflattering Kona Photos (with thoughts)

    Man I swear Lionel's hitch has gotten worse over the last couple years. Those angles on his left leg are all wrong. Dude is running on 1.5 legs.
    AaronWebsteyMartinslickfins_RyanKenElPescadoPeladoTad_MJennifer PostgregkCraig_D
  • Let's See Your Critters

    RIP Josie. That sucks @Craig D I will pour out a little liquor for her. Similar story here. My mom and I had to put down our 14.5 year old black lab, Louie, a couple days ago. It's been rough, god damn. He had the old dog breathing thing, doggy dementia barking, and his back legs barely worked. He was my dad's dog and after he died, my brother's, and then my mom's. He represented a lot for me, mostly my dad. He was the best in a long line of black labs we have had. He had many names, Louis, Lulu, Luigi...but always the "Prince", and the "G.O.A.T."

    Old dogs are great!
  • A Single "Open" World Championship

    If the professional sport keeps disappearing you will have your wish soon enough. All that will remain will be the ITU feeding the olympic dream, and a bunch of pseudo-pros doing the one professional long course race a year, Kona. Triathlon dark ages.

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