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Zach Miller
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  • Anyone have a coach that they really like?

    Thanks @KHilgendorf

    Yes I am a coach, I keep my total athlete count low to provide the same level of service to all my athletes. I also only have one plan as I include everything in that. Coach therapist marriage consultant I do it all! Haha I own a coaching business and we have 4 tri coaches on staff. I am currently accepting clients for 2019 and only have a select few spots left. I coach beginners and kona qualifiers, I like the challenge and thrill with all athletes.

    Let me know if you have any questions. My prices are way less then $1500/month.

    Also @EmilyCocks is a coach too.

    You will find a lot of coaches, I would say pick 3 and have interviews with them and see what prices and stuff mesh with you.
    AaronWebsteyM_WareJames LangeJennifer PostGranpa ChookfyrehaarGrantInSLCTad_Mslickfins_RyanSdog
  • 2019 Team - Rooster Endurance

    Of course I am in!
  • IMFL- Haines City

    No I don't care what you think about the race being moved. This is a who is going thread? Who wants to meet up and hang before the race. Right now I am looking at flying into Tampa(cheaper then Orlando for me) probably Tuesday/Wednesday and staying until Monday night.
  • 2019 Boston Marathon 4:52 cut off; qualifying standard dropped 5 minutes for 2020

    I have actually had several lady friends tell me they think the 3:00 standard is harder then the 3:30 standard.

    I really don't know which is harder but glad they made it harder, I think they should make the standards even faster too. Make it even harder and make it more exclusive, a real battle to get in more for more people.

    Breaking down the standard too for younger people should be done. 18-29 maybe and 30-34 maybe.
    Granpa ChookPreachSwanson
  • 2019 Team - Rooster Endurance

    @AaronWebstey @PreachSwanson i am sure you guys have eveything under wraps, but LG has a pretty slick custom program. no min and good prices and you can get a bunch of different gear.


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