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  • To Honour Mark_after_Dark

    @Matt, King of All Gifs and TriRoost Safety Officer
  • Cam Wurf is going to win Kona

    She just made it to Youth Nationals down in Florida. I'm thinking, Ok we'll go down for a long weekend. But no, it's 4 days, starts on Thursday. And, everyone is going down on Tuesday for 2 days of warm-up. So now it's a 6 day trip, in June, in Florida.
    I suggest renting an AirBNB house for us. Can cook, wash all the rowing gear, separate bedrooms, more space. Can get one 2 blocks from the beach for the same price as the hotel.
    Nope, that won't be any fun. All the other kids are staying at a hotel. It will be so much more fun being at the hotel, I'm told.
    This is getting to be more expensive than an Ironman.
  • To Honour Mark_after_Dark

    You looked like Jason Momoa at the Oscars. Minus the muscles.
  • To Honour Mark_after_Dark

    Hahaha. I was thinking the exact same thing. Also thought @AaronWebstey was some gym meathead friend. Looks like he's been hitting the weights in that pic.
  • Cam Wurf is going to win Kona

    My daughter just switched from swimming to rowing last year. As a parent, I always thought a swim meet was the most boring thing to watch. Then I went to my first rowing regatta.

    Drove 3 hours to a regatta last weekend. 10 minutes before we reach the race, we get a call it's too windy, race was cancelled. Luckily we had another race the next day. Couple people didn't and turned around and went home. I can't wait until she goes to college.
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