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  • BAAW Thread?

    The crank doesn't seem to be level or in line with the chainstay either. You're slipping.
    I think all the blood raced from your brain to your penis when you saw that negative stem.
    StruangM_Wareidking90Craig D
  • Fantasy Triathlon - how serious are you about wanting it to return?

    Good news, @Robert Rankin the second kid is easier to raise than the first since you've been through it all before (unless you're insane like @AaronWebstey and have them simultaneously).
    The bad news is that you still have the first to take care of, too. It takes up way more time and energy. Your race is fuuuuucked.
    Second one is scarier in my opinion because I know what’s coming, and my son is relatively easy. I’m convinced the second will be spawn of Satan because #1 has been so easy.
    This happened to me, beware. I never realized how easy 1 kid was until i had the second.

    Robert RankinCraig DMartin
  • Aaron Webstey, it's not just you

    I was asking my kids what time they had to be to school today.

    My oldest said she had to be in early to talk to her teacher.
    Her sister pipes up and says, "Mrs. X (can't remember her name) always pronounces that teacher's name wrong. But she's from Canada so she pronounces a lot of things wrong. And she's always saying sworry. Even for stuff she didn't do wrong."

    I immediately thought of you.
    M_WareMattKenElPescadoPeladoEmilyCocksEvilTwinMartinAaronWebsteyKuchTad_MachrowiczJohns622Craig DHSeeley14
  • Team Miller- Western States

    You might have better luck selling your "support shits" at Tim Horton's.
    kjrunninTad_MachrowiczMattKenElPescadoPeladoEmilyCocksRobert RankinJennifer PostAaronWebsteySdogCraig D
  • Pooperintendent

    I wonder if it was @Martin. He seemed to be pretty down on them.


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