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  • Chicago Recommendations

    This has been another gripping episode of

  • Another “well thought out” article from the other site...

    I once asked @bbculp why he took the time to actually talk to his interviewees and go through the hassle of transcribing everything himself. The answer was something like, "for me there's no other option - if I do it via email it'll come out looking like shit".

    (For the record: obviously, every single #WeeklyWebstey interview was done via email, but those were always going to look like shit anyway due to interviewer incompetence.)

    Oh and @jrielley1406 you are definitely allowed/encouraged to link to ST here, especially if it generates an interesting discussion. I personally try to keep my opinions about ST to myself (although I'm not 100% successful there), but other than that you should all feel free to give'r about whatever topics you like.
  • Anyone been to Iceland?

    @bbculp please take photos and use this thread as your personal travel blog/guide to Iceland. I promise to be nice

  • Dark Mark trolling ST

    Links appreciated when posting about ST!
  • Spring Classics Cycling Season

    Overheard at Quick Step team meeting this morning, before the Ronde:

    DS: "OK, so we're all clear - we'll keep it together for as long as possible, then we'll let Philippe do his thing, for the glory of Belgium."

    Phil Gilbert: "Boys, I'm honoured to go to battle with all of you. We will win, then share the spoils of victory."
    (Général chatt
    er of approval, etc)

    (FX: Toilet flushes in background)
    (Terpstra enters, drying hands.)

    Niki Terpstra: "Sorry, did I miss anything important?"

    I totally get it that's hilarious!

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