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  • March Madness 2018!!

    Why do I feel like @Brew_Tri will stay here for the rest of the tourney ... ? ;)

  • The bad question, why do people cheat?

    Honestly? Humans are capable of being, and often are pretty terrible. I understand how it's ever so slightly easier to rationalize the crappy behavior of people who live off mom and dad make a living doing the sport, but that's probably intellectually lazy and not as relevant as we might like to think. I'm not sure it's all that different. As much as we want to think athletic endeavors are different and pure, they really aren't any different from the rest of life. If anything, the more tangible outcomes available (one of the major selling points of athletics as a hobby!) make the incentive to cheat greater than most other aspects of life.
    People do awful things, from being terribly rude to strangers on dating apps, to lying on taxes, to cutting the course in an Ironman, to cheating on their spouses, to knowingly spreading false information that conforms with their own weltanschauung (take that Germanization, BPF).
    I think it's always been that way, people being awful. The difference it's just that now it's easier to leave our own little bubbles, both because it's easier to actually leave one's own bubble, and oversharing makes people send a lot more things outside their bubbles to be heard, intentionally or inadvertently. Sometimes intentionally publicize negative things they're actually anonymous, sometimes they think they're anonymous and then get found out, and other times because they're just straight up sociopaths who now have a voice because somebody accidentally stumbles on their tweet or comment or share, where previously nobody would have ever seen or heard from them.
    Don't take this as me being nihilist, cynical, pessimistic...or whatever else you want to call it. I still actually do believe people are generally good, but I'm also just not surprised when anybody is terrible. Maybe the lesson here is that people can be good, but no human is to be held to such a significantly higher standard because, well, we're human (I don't intend for that last statement to come out as a religious angle, but it's probably reworkable into one if you need something after the next high-profile scandal, @PreachSwanson ;) )
    "Top 6 Reasons Why Cheaters Do What They Do"
  • I want to help you feel better about yourself

    Thanks @fyrehaar . I'm going for a run now instead of sitting around eating bacon in my mom's kitchen.
    MartinKenElPescadoPeladoCraig DTad_MachrowiczfyrehaarMamaCheetah
  • What are you doing in 2018?

    Hopefully, sobering up
  • Dark Mark's Dream Bike

    Maybe I'm #blessed, or a complete idiot, but don't most people plan for this sort of thing? I don't really understand how dumping one's dream bike for half its value will really contribute substantial monies for raising a kid. That 3-4k is about 1% of the total cost of raising a child if you factor in college tuition. Keep the bike. And let the grandparents buy toys.
    Yeah Mark, you irresponsible, self-centered, deadbeat dummy - why didn't you plan better so you could keep your sweet bike?

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