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  • Brad Culp = Manger - Give us the scoop on Hansen

    Donair sausage with tomato, onion, donair sauce, and a Schoon-dog to wash er down. This is living.

  • Simon Whitfield Gold Medal 20th Anniversary

    @AaronWebstey I agree that the 2000 race is an iconic Canadian sports moment, but in a lot of ways I actually think back on the 2008 race more fondly just because of how it played out. Looked like he was dropped and going to finish 4th, then all of a sudden he surges and is going to win, then Frodeno comes out of nowhere for the win and Whitfield gets an unexpected silver. Such an amazing race.
    Definitely the more exciting one from a regular racing perspective as opposed to a "Holy shit we might get a medal in the summer Olympics??" one. And a far more memorable event for me - I watched it on a big old 50" tube TV that we got for cheap in our first house together. I was a year past my final ITU race and probably 2 years beyond finally accepting that I was never going to be even close to going to Beijing, and it was the first race I'd watched since hanging em up. It blew my fucking mind.
    wchevronCraig_DTad_MJames Lange
  • Welcome

    I guess maybe @mfconlon82 wasn't real after all, but it sounds like @dunaway is a new member after attending the Sworry Trials this weekend!! Welcome!
    M_WareTad_MJennifer PostCraig_D
  • Happy Sworry Trials to all!

    While it brings me infinite sadness that I can't attend the 3rd annual Sworry Trials, I am happy to know that the show goes on for another year. Hoping to see some pics and discussion here or elsewhere!

    Love you all,
    James Lange
  • Welcome

    Welcome to the first new member in months who appears to possibly be a real human! @mfconlon82 hello
    James LangeM_Ware

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