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  • RGT Cycling - initial thoughts

    Given that all I've been doing on Zwift is logging on and hitting "just ride" for the past couple years, I figured I'd put my membership on pause and try the free RGT Cycling app. Anyone else using it? Here are my thoughts after 1 ride and very little investigation on how the app works:

    • Users: The two routes I saw before quickly hitting "ride" had I think 25 and 45 other riders online (Sunday afternoon ~1530 EST). There are many Premium routes though, and as a free user I don't have access to those and didn't bother to see if I could determine how many were on them. Personally, I found it kind of nice to be out on the virtual open road with only the occasional other user. I don't know if you can turn off viewing other riders in Zwift, but even if you can, this seemed different somehow.
    • Graphics: nicer than Zwift, less game-ish. I rode Cap Formentor and it is quite a lovely experience other than the FPS issues (see next point).
    • FPS: you get a constant update on your FPS rate. Mine hovered around 6 or 7 the whole time, making for a fairly choppy look/feel compared to Zwift. I have a high end MBP from 2015 which has never had any trouble running Zwift (for that matter, my old S9 can run Zwift without much trouble), so I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if that's just the price you pay for the more realistic graphics
    • Connection: I don't know if connecting all of my crap (HRM, Kickr Core, and phone) has ever been as smooth in Zwift as it was on my first try with RGT. Either I got lucky or they have nailed this part of the experience
    • Price: $10USD/month for premium vs $15 for Zwift. However, you can use the free version of RGT indefinitely with a reduced feature set, as opposed to Zwift where you get your first taste (25k) for free and then have to pay. As I mentioned, for someone like me who tends to "just ride" a few times a week while watching Letterkenny, the free version is loads.
    • Two apps: You need a phone app and a computer app, no single-device rides like Zwift. This sucks for my use case (just ride/watch a show), since my trainer is in the garage, so I now have to drag 3 devices out there for every ride instead of two (not to mention finding space for them and operating them all simultaneously). Bearable given that I'm saving $15USD/month, but a significant mark in the 'con' column compared to Zwift.

    Overall, I can't imagine anyone paying $10/month for this experience when you can pay $15 for Zwift. If you're a basic user, you'll have everything you need in the free version; if you want advanced features, the two-device issue and poor FPS on a perfectly decent computer are likely enough on their own to make the extra $5/month worth it for Zwift.

    TL;DR - RGT will get you through your rides if you're also watching TV (or maybe doing a TR workout or whatever), but has a ways to go before it's worth $10 USD/month and/or can expect to be a serious Zwift competitor.

  • Social Sign-ins Fixed

    I finally updated the forum software. You may notice that you can now sign in using your FB/Google/Twitter accounts again!


    M_WareJames LangeCraig_D
  • Data Deletion Requests

    GDPR compliance - please email to have your information deleted from this site permanently. It will be done.

  • Project sub7/sub8

    Women maybe, but cutting 36 minutes off of Frodeno's 45:22/4:09:22/2:40.35 ?? Where is it going to come from? 45:22 is 1:11/100m, is he going to cut 10 minutes off and go 1:03s? And then ride 3:55 (45.95 km/h) and run 2:30 (3:33 min/km)?
    wchevronJames LangeStruang
  • Classic footage - check out mine and show me yours

    This was created by the amazing Rachel Bower, local filmmaker and all around amazing person ( ), back in my 'begging for support' days. Sworry it's not embeddable.

    Check out my horrible form and then show me what you've got! @bbculp ? Anyone?
    KenElPescadoPeladoJames LangewchevronMartinkjrunnin
  • Set the bar low - Post your New Year Goals thread.

    5k today, back in action! I might make 22k after all!
  • Set the bar low - Post your New Year Goals thread.

    Not quit my job. Second @M_Ware 's puppy cushion goal too.
    You win 2021 if you manage this one
  • Set the bar low - Post your New Year Goals thread.

    Lose 20 lbs to get myself into the upper overweight BMI range and out of obesity
  • Merry Holidays 2020

    The fact that nobody has posted here in the past few days says a lot about who we all are as people. Thank you all for enjoying your families and bringing warmth and hope to my heart after the cold darkness that has been 2020. <3
    wchevronTad_MJennifer PostCraig_DMartinkjrunninMattKenElPescadoPelado
  • Rooster Endurance 2021

    Count me in! I may even try to exercise.
    As with @Martin on the FB group, this is exactly the level of commitment we expect on this team.

    Welcome back everyone! And Merry Holidays.

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