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  • The Perfect Playlist

    @GentlemanJerseyDave wow man, I only recognized The Smiths' tune on there, even the Public Enemy track sounds unfamiliar. Good reminder to include NWA's 100 Miles And Runnin' though!

    I've got some listening to do!
    If you like punk I think you need to start with Leatherface "Mush" - it is in my well-travelled opinion both the best and most under appreciated punk album of the 1990's. A classic that was hugely influential for the next two decades despite being a bit obscure itself.
  • 2017 Race results and pics

    Thanks @Dark_mark

    I'm not sure I'll race again, just had to make the decision one that I owned because you know, I'm a dude and ending things on my own terms feels important for some dumb reason. I was pretty silly - it was just a sprint but I broke out my aerojacket and aero helmet and speed suit and simply figured that if I don't race again at least I used all my toys one last time.

    Feeling good about it though so you know how this stuff sticks with you. I won't do long course but I really liked being out with my local brethren on a beautiful day and that's what got me hooked in the first place on this sport. Different doesn't have to be bad, right? So maybe I'll find another Sunday to kick around with a few hundred like minded folks (and hopefully make a handful feel bad for losing to the dude with the hips of an 80 year old).

    You forgot the film TRI

    Mark_after_DarkKenElPescadoPeladoellsworth53tAaronWebsteyEric Lagerstromyournotunique
  • Help Wanted: t-shirt design. Coming soon: TriRoost t-shirts

    You know - I disappeared for a while and THIS is the thread where I realize this place is now called Tri Roost. What the holy fuck is wrong with me? Or maybe your name is broken? Cripes man. This is a mind fuck. Is there a thread full of gossip or something that I missed? I think this is the end of me.
    AaronWebsteyM_WareRobert Rankin
  • I'm Hurt - my injury mea culpa

    Yeah man. We are talking bone shaving, cartlidge repair, screws and cyst removal. 3 months of recovery is now 6. Worst part: I have the same abnormality on the left side that predisposes me to tears. So I can give up running or do so knowing the risk. One thing at a time I suppose. Chin up.
    simonsen77Elaine KyournotuniquekjrunninDHansenTri

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