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Eric Lagerstrom


Eric Lagerstrom
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  • Overland Triathlon video by Transition 4

    @Eric Lagerstrom ask Stephanie for a Dark Matter instead: comes with 38 or 42, depending on 2x or 1x drivetrain.
    It's on the way! I've been waiting since the day it was announced, haha
    Just scrounging some parts for it, and frothing for when it's all together :)
  • Overland Triathlon video by Transition 4

    @Granpa Chook yeah the OMTM side is great. I've gone after a few of the routes on there, and one last year when there was snow on the ground at the higher elevations :#

    We were running a variety of different sizes. The max my Krypton can handle is 33c, schwalbe g-one allrounds, but most of the guys went in the 38 range. There was a lot of climbing and rolling that wasn't singletrack, we just didn't show as much of it in the film.
    Granpa ChookJennifer Post
  • Overland Triathlon video by Transition 4

    @Eric Lagerstrom Just watched. Really enjoyed the film. Great work. What lake was that? Trillium?
    That was actually Timothy Lake! Trillium was just a bit small for our needs. One of our initial routes was to run the entire trail around Timothy, which would be exactly a half marathon. But, half of that trail is the Pacific Crest Trail, which is closed to bikes, so filming it would have been impossible. Also, swimming any distance after a half marathon.. I'd be surprised if anyone didn't cramp!
    Granpa ChookJennifer PostJames LangeM_Ware
  • Overland Triathlon video by Transition 4

    Thanks guys! I was planning on dropping in here to make a post and take some questions, but you beat me to it! It WAS fun, and we're planning to more in the future!
    Jennifer PostM_WareAaronWebsteyMattGranpa ChookJames Lange
  • Descending In Spain - Video

    @Martin Cool! I just wanted to check, in case you had seen some of my stuff and still thought it was missing the mark. I don't assume that anyone has seen something I've made because of how much content is getting pushed out these days. It's hard to cut through the noise without being truly great, AND playing the clickbait game. IE: "Triathletes swim in secret mountain lake!" instead of "Morning with the Wurteles"
    Thanks again for the feedback, and for watching.

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