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Eric Lagerstrom


Eric Lagerstrom
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  • Descending In Spain - Video

    @Martin Cool! I just wanted to check, in case you had seen some of my stuff and still thought it was missing the mark. I don't assume that anyone has seen something I've made because of how much content is getting pushed out these days. It's hard to cut through the noise without being truly great, AND playing the clickbait game. IE: "Triathletes swim in secret mountain lake!" instead of "Morning with the Wurteles"
    Thanks again for the feedback, and for watching.
  • Descending In Spain - Video

    @Martin have you watched any of these?

    Bones brigade has been a huge influence on me, and that’s where I aspire to get to. At the end of the day though, they did have a budget, and making something 40 minutes long thay doesn’t suck is nearly impossible without a major backer. “Someone should do it” is a pretty common sentiment I think :)
  • Descending In Spain - Video

    @bbculp @Jennifer Post
    Awesome, thanks for that. I usually try to start and end these with some sort of talking/lifestyle/intro bit to give context, but this one I didn't really have anything like that from when I shot it.

    I like the vlogging bit, but agree, few do it well. And instagram stories basically accomplishes a similar thing, albeit rarely without much of an actual story from post to post. Also, the time sensitivity of that is tough, and really relies on people not ever missing a thing.

    I'll think about the whole tutorial aspect. I've just been hesitant to do it because I feel like it's overdone by random people with no credentials, but all the time to make youtube videos. I haven't quite wanted to jump in that ring while training and racing professionally. If I can do it in a non-cheesy way, I'll go for it.

    Thanks again!
    M_WareJennifer PostAaronWebstey
  • Descending In Spain - Video

    Hey everyone,

    Wanted to share this with you guys, and ask for a little feedback as well.

    1) Do you prefer watching things like this or "vlog" type things where the subject talks to the camera? Basically information vs not.
    2) I'm considering building out a to go alongside If you're not aware of the latter, it's a purely video site, dedicated to providing triathlon-related content and good vibes. My intent with a .com would be to offer more explanation along with each video, as well as some brief text and picture posts, that can be interacted with.

    Any and all feedback appreciated, thanks!
    KenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyM_Warejrielley1406Robert RankinMatt

    My 2 cents: websites and online presences are a dime a dozen. Great triathlon video content is very rare. Trying to attract traffic to a website with 'pretty good' content will make you want to ride your bike off a cliff. Make great videos, use the various already-well-established video monetization options to generate income. Doesn't hurt to keep the website up as a central reference for all content (even if it's just a list of embedded youtube/vimeo links), but I personally would spend as little time and money as possible on it.

    Possibly biased, but speaking from some experience,

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I think @AaronWebstey hit it on the head here. The site will be there for the hard core van to go surf, but until I'm retired, or have the capital for someone to manage it for me, focusing on the content will pay off a lot more. It's a lot easier for people to share a youtube, facebook video around to their friends anyway, and that'll help things grow the quickest. Sharing is caring.

    Higher quality, less frequency. Which in my opinion doesn't necessarily mean Hollywood-level image, but rather interesting and engaging. The internet is flooded right now with videos of people exercising that follow the same script: poppy, trance music with an epileptic-seizure inducing number of cuts between shots for no reason, leaving the viewer's heart rate high, but little else in terms of feeling.

    We've got some fresh content up in the last few days, by the way:

    "Cervelo S3 Disk" - @Trevor Wurtele and Heather got new bikes, they go for a ride and make it look good
    "Area 51 Run" -Throwback to the RV trip from St. George to Portland, with my Dad. Excellent drone work by my Dad.
    "Summer Series 1.0" - First of three episodes from Matt McElroy and I training in Banyoles this summer.
    "MLT Atlantic City" - Video from @AJ Baucco /Andrew Hibbitt glorifying the Major League Triathlon Experience.
    Craig Dsimonsen77AaronWebsteyRobert RankinGranpa ChookM_WareKenElPescadoPelado

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