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Robert Rankin


Robert Rankin
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Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member
  • Tour de France 2018

  • Barkley marathons....

    Two people left and only 9 minutes to finish and start the next lap. Not looking like there’ll be any finishers
  • Treadmill buying advice

    I've given up all hope I'll ever see my treadmill working. ProForm has won. I've stopped calling and check every other day or so to see if I have any tracking info mostly for a laugh. The wife doesn't find it near as funny as I do
  • Look at my new toy: A slowtwitch story.

    Maybe someone needs to write an article about how I finally pulled the trigger on a treadmill when it was on sale for $899! And that was still tough to do. It lets me run at the speed it wants, isn’t super loud, fits in my basement, and I can still buy my baby diapers!
    If you think that's good, have I got a saga for you. I bought a used treadmill that broke week one. Sold said used broken treadmill. Bought shiny new treadmill. Never used it because it's broken as well. Been waiting on a month for a part from China which is apparently being rowed stateside. Glad to hear that once it gets here the treadmill does in fact work though
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  • Treadmill buying advice

    I hate everything about treadmills haha. Damn thing is stuck at 15% incline, and I haven’t even ran on it yet. Trying to calibrate the incline but not sure if I’m doing it correctly and customer support literally just reads the owners manual. They’re sending me a whole new console when it worked perfectly fine yesterday

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