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Robert Rankin


Robert Rankin
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  • TRS Classic

    Who’s behind this?

  • BAAW Thread?

    Wasn’t sure whether to post here or in regular marks thread. More people caught that than I gave credit for
  • Ask a Farmer Anything

    @Robert Rankin Dude you live in Florida. I guarantee Florida Man is a goat fornicator.
    I’m beginning to think Florida Man is just a midwestern retiree now

  • Ask a Farmer Anything

    Why do farmers have sex with sheep on the edge of a cliff?
    They get scared and try to back up and move around a lot. Same with putting them in the corner of the pen.

    Disclaimer: I have never raised sheep. But we had this white trash dude on our bus route that got caught fucking a sheep by everyone on the bus one day when they dropped his little sister off after school. He had a reputation after that.

    Also a disclaimer: wasnt my bus route
    My bus route had a similar white trash dude. He got caught freshman year and was known as goat poke for all 4 years of high school. 25 years later and I write the guys auto insurance. By the smell coming from him when he stops by my office, I would say his amorous pursuits have not changed over the years! Plus I have a hard time not calling him goat poke when he is just wanting to pay his auto insurance.
    How do 2 people on this forum have first hand knowledge of a goat fornicator?

  • Ask a Farmer Anything

    Goats seem really awesome. Are they as awesome as they seem?

    If not what is the G.O.A.T. Non-goat animal?
    Yes and no. Goats can be pretty cool. But they eat fucking anything, and shit everywhere.

    We had a goat when I was a kid. Named petunia. She chewed tabacco. She wouldn't leave you alone until you gave her a dip. She'd walk around with a dip in, shitting all over the shop. If you didn't give her enough attention she'd run straight at the back door and jump on it landing on it with all four hooves. She also hated my grandma. For some reason she also hated my grandma. Every time she came over petunia would jump on top of her Cadillac. Grandma was always less than impressed.
    I didn't know I wanted a goat until now


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