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Robert Rankin


Robert Rankin
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  • Beat "Pro" Max Fennell and Win $1 Million

    My math isn't the best, but Lagerstrom won Santa Cruz in 3:47 so he was a touch outside the 8% at 4:43 (30 minutes behind the closest pro). He would have been 16th in his AG. His other two races didn't look like they had pro races. He was 2/2 in an open wave (looks like 6th overall) in the Oly and 1/1 in the competitive elite wave in the sprint (it looks like he did actually win the sprint). He wasn't even within 8% of the Oly distance pro races he did in 2017. Says he qualified for his pro card in 2014. Must be doing something right though: "He estimates elite triathlete costs at around $100,000 a year, with competition participation costing about $30,000 and food-nutrition, coaches, massages costing another $30,000. And then there is the equipment and gear and general cost of living."

    I am really bored today
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  • Beat "Pro" Max Fennell and Win $1 Million

    That show is ridiculously bad. Max’s name came up when everyone was arguing about the girl with RA being a pro or not on ST. Seems there’s more of these kind of pros than actual professionals in triathlon anymore.
  • Deboer wetsuits

    You guys are nutjobs swimming in the 50s.

    Deboer’s athletes times didn’t look so great this morning
  • Deboer wetsuits

    Has this brand been around? Some very big names pushing their wetsuits this year. How in the world is a wetsuit worth $1500 though?
  • New Ironman venues

    PCB in November is what I imagine Syria is like. There’s so many better beaches in FL, but I need that flat bike course (I’m fat). Can’t really think of a vacation destination for a full. Wish they’d put 70.3 worlds back in Vegas.

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