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Robert Rankin


Robert Rankin
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  • End of season races (iron distance)

    Yeah - I was worried about the hurricane potential - and any hangover flashbacks from spring break all those years ago - like when I smell tequila.
    This year was a fluke for a hurricane that late in the season in the Gulf. Usually the weather is pretty perfect, if not a little too warm. PCB is a dump though, so if you’re making a vacation out of it with the family I’d plan on leaving for Destin the day after the race. First time I did it we rented a condo for the week and had 3 days post race with nothing to do
  • Marathon Investigation Podcast

    I’m halfway through the episode of the guy “defending” his friend. Wow! He’s sure helping her cause. I don’t see anything wrong with the way Derek does things. As he tried to tell the guy, he never actually called her a cheater. He just raises the questions with results, presents the available data, and let’s the public form their own opinion.
  • TRS Classic

    Who’s behind this?

  • Challenge Daytona

    We did an 800m swim, 20 mile (17.5) bike, and 13.1 (12.2) run

    Pros did 1600m swim, 37.5 mile bike, 8.5 mile run.

    They did an awesome job given the weather they had to deal with. I wouldn’t have wanted to do a 70.3 in that crap.
  • Challenge Daytona

    Sorry I missed you guys. Saw a couple Bsquad kits on the run, but no TRS. It was very cool to see Starky sitting at bike exit rooting people on while the other pros sat in their waiting room. Bummed I couldn’t stick around and get my award and watch the pro race, well couldn’t if I wanted to remain married. Definitely was an awesome experience, despite the weather shortened event, and I’ll sign up again for sure

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