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  • Area man goes for ride on low-tech bike, somehow doesn’t burst into flames

    Unbelievable turn of events - Coverage over at Minimal Multisport! =)

    (I'll actually discuss the detailed build in a later blog... but couldn't help myself with something stupid)

  • Tires - Gravel etc.

    @Tad_M it doesn't matter which end of the downtube you inject the stem cells in to, as long as you don't get vaccinated. :#
  • Tires - Gravel etc.

    @Tad_M here's my Gravel Guide on - published earlier this week (I think... I've been writing so much for them that I'm losing track of time):

    Doesn't cover a TON of specifics on tires, since it's really trying to be a 10,000 ft overview of ALL gravel bike standards.

    Like the road standards article, it doesn't necessarily cover JUST my own views, but also that of the other Bikerumor staff. I.e. it says that you shouldn't buy something today without disc brakes and thru axles... but I just bought an all-road/gravel bike that has both rim brakes and QR axles. 'Cause I'm a grumpy old luddite ;)
  • The WTF bowl!

    @gregk will refuse to attend the Sworry Trials when he sees this travesty..... guess I should have thought before posting.
    @Tad_M don't worry - even though I'm a kinda-sorta-always-trying-to-be-a-better-minimalist, I think EVERY house has a junk drawer or bowl. I'm just impressed that it's not bigger than that! While I don't have a single WTF spot in the house for misc stuff like yours, I certainly have several categorized / kinda organized places that are WTF by category (i.e. the little box of nails, screws, and picture hanging stuff, or the plastic bin of power strips / electronic things). I've moved WAY too many times and know better than to get rid of ALL this stuff. I just try to get rid of the backup-backup for the backup.
  • Interbike 2019 cancelled - Your thoughts / Do you care?

    I wasn't surprised and I don't care. I stopped going four years ago when brands stopped launching product and buying hacks like me dinner. Interbike was a ton of fun 10 years ago when the industry was thriving and companies were doing crazy shit like buying print ads.

    The move to Reno was puzzling. Not easy or cheap to get to. If they do a show in 2020, I think Denver makes the most sense.

    I'm assuming Dan wrote something about it on ST, which I don't have the time or patience to read. Can you summarize it for the Roost so we know how to feel about this?
    @bbculp I think the move to Reno was mostly for its proximity to Lake Tahoe (for the Outdoor Demo). Much better road and mountain biking. Hotels and food are also cheaper than Vegas, but flights were definitely more expensive. I agree that Denver makes the most sense for the future. You're making me all nostalgic about the good old days when companies had cash flow and a marketing budget!

    Dan did write something, but I only had time to skim it. The triathlon presence at the show was very small this year. It seems that Kona is the now the official tri industry meet-up... for those who can afford to fly there and pay for lodging.

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