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  • Minimal Multisport Podcast - Episode 16 with Janelle Morrison (coach, speaker, survivor)

    Really enjoyed this episiode.
    Thank you for having a female voice on too BTW!

    But I like her approach about finding out why you're doing what you're doing instead of just following a program blindly and getting into the mental side of things.
    I am big on the mental side of things in training and racing so that resonated well with me.
    @rangamel Thanks! Janelle is awesome!
  • Tires - Gravel etc.

    @Tad_M here's my Gravel Guide on - published earlier this week (I think... I've been writing so much for them that I'm losing track of time):

    Doesn't cover a TON of specifics on tires, since it's really trying to be a 10,000 ft overview of ALL gravel bike standards.

    Like the road standards article, it doesn't necessarily cover JUST my own views, but also that of the other Bikerumor staff. I.e. it says that you shouldn't buy something today without disc brakes and thru axles... but I just bought an all-road/gravel bike that has both rim brakes and QR axles. 'Cause I'm a grumpy old luddite ;)
  • Minimal Multisport Podcast - Episode 16 with Janelle Morrison (coach, speaker, survivor)

    Yo ROOSTERS! Episode 16 of the Minimal Multisport Podcast is here! You feel me? YouknowwhatI'mtalkin'bout? B)

    This episode is with the very inspiring Janelle Morrison. She's a former pro triathlete, and now a coach, speaker, and mentor. She also is the survivor of a near-fatal car accident, and has a great documentary film about her recovery and comeback to racing. I had a great time speaking with her, and I know you'll enjoy it!

    Czech it out on ma' blog, or here in iTunes. It's also on Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon Alexa, and every other podcast app that I figured out how to set up.
  • Tires - Gravel etc.

    @Tad_M yeah, it wasn't cool! There was a clear spot in the bead where it had either failed on the road, or was manufactured incorrectly. This was the aftermath...

    Re: Your comments on Compass - the general consensus is that they're very supple and roll fast, but their light models are definitely a bit risky in terms of punctures. I err towards the knobby side, too. Sometimes I'll run a knobby-ish front with low tread rear, (i.e. Michelin Mud front, Jet rear), just to be sure the front end won't wash out. They're about 5 years late making a 40mm version of those tires.

    Check out WTB if you haven't. They have a good line, and I've gotten good customer service.
  • Tires - Gravel etc.

    Clearance for 43 for sure on 700s, my GKs built to 48 on the Enves, and just started to rub once in a while. Thanks @Matt. I'm running 1x. There's a vote for my Challenge pick. @gregk , I spend all day on the gravel, I will pay for the right tires. I look forward to the next article!
    @Tad_M Got it. Since you had asked about wheels, too, I thought that you were buying wheels too (which is why I asked about budget).

    To be perfectly honest, I'm not 100% up to speed on all of the latest gravel tires. But I'll give you my thought process...

    Wheels - My favorite for low cost, great feel, and zero problems was the Stan's Arch 29er rims I mentioned (set up tubeless with Michelin Mud 2's... the Jets are great too). Mine were on XT hubs on a gravel bike. Tire width is advertised at 30mm, inflates to 34-35mm on those rims. If I was serious about gravel now, this is probably the route I'd take - unless the route was uber rough and warranted a wider tire (in which case I'd need to do some research). Honorable mention goes to the Hed Ardennes / Belgium rims, which generally set up well with most tires, and I had them fit some tubeless-ready tires perfectly... inflated with a floor pump and easy to install. Similar width to Stan's, probably a bit more expensive. I personally wouldn't go carbon just because gravel bikes get beat up, and more importantly I can't afford them.

    Tires - I tend to like Michelin, Conti, Maxxis, and WTB quite a bit for MTB / trail / CX stuff. I've had a couple lumpy tires from Conti (one MTB, one road), but they got warrantied. Specialized has some good stuff too. I'm less of a fan of Challenge... they had a lot of issues with treads separating from casings. I had personal tires with this, and heard/saw it a bunch in the field (including some crashes as a result). I also had some latex tubes from them that were faulty, and struggled with tire fit on a couple wheels. I'm also a little bit wary of Vittoria, since I've historically had noticeably more punctures with them than Conti, Michelin, etc. Oh, and I forgot to mention Schwalbe. I've heard good things about their newer tubeless stuff. I've had pretty good luck with them in general, save a studded tire that had a wire bead failure... the tire came off the wheel while riding, ejecting the inner tube which wrapped around my fork, then this neat thing happened where the bike completely stopped and I got tossed off into a snow pile. They warrantied the tire, but wouldn't replace my fork which got super messed up from the metal studs chewing into it.

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