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  • You favorite athletic podcasts?

    Pardon my Take by Barstool Sports
  • Schoeman

    That was quick.

    But, was it fake documents that were released?

    Or, was there a urine test that showed prednisone (or prednisolone, can't remember which one) but it wasn't a violation?

    Are they just covering up the cover up?
    "The professionalism and openness shown by Henri Schoeman should be an example for any athlete that could face a situation like this. " Umm right so only addressing this about 1.5 years later is professional.......
  • The Grind with Maximus Jones

    Silence from all other triathlon podcast so far in 2018.......

    We are back and better in 2018!!!!!

    This week we are talking to Maximus Jones, to kick start the "New Year, New Me" trend. Max is a part-owner of Elevate Sports Performance Center out in Las Vegas. He is the director of fitness at the center but this guy wears several hats. We chop it up over his history in endurance sports and how he plans on getting athletes to get healthy and stay healthy in 2018.
    Follow him @maximus__jones
    His company is here -->>>

    Follow "The Freds" on Instagram @thefredtriathletes
    Also those amazing youtube videos at --->>

    AaronWebsteyRobert RankinSdog
  • WTC overhauls Kona Qualification for Pros

    Can anybody do some quick math. Lets say from the last qualifying period who many pro women would be at Kona?
    AaronWebsteyRobert Rankin
  • Another “my supplement was contaminated with Ostarine” situation

    As a first year pro I have no idea who to believe. Every person who has every tested positive say they never took any. How am I suppose to have people to look up to and look for guidance? I know Lucas and have raced against him after his positive at Placid. Was I racing a clean athlete or not? I don't know. It was a small prize purse but Lucas won money at Boston Triathlon and I got second to him and less prize money. Will I every see that back? Probably not.
    Robert RankinItsShugCraig_DM_WareAaronWebsteymaggieruGasBombGranpa Chook

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