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  • Triathlon Videos

    Good ideas all!!

    @Matt I will watch the 2012 men's race tonight and work my way back to 2008.

    @fyrehaar and @Tad_Machrowicz thanks for the heads up about the ITU access, I did not know about that.

    Future discussion topic... " why the F### do I want to train multiple times a day and then watch Tri videos before I go to sleep" can anyone shed some light on that???
  • Triathlon Videos

    Ok, in the last two hours I just watched the 2012 women's Olympic race in London. That was an amazing finish, If you have not already seen it definitely have a look.
    M_WareJames LangefyrehaarJennifer Post
  • The Grind with Spencer Ralston: Sonja Kent

    Yay, Sonja Kent!! I won a race entry last year because of her. Sonja was the answer to a trivia question a local RD posted. I got it right and won the entry. Nice to hear this interview. thank you. Good luck with your podcast!
  • BTA Setup

    @Evan I have used the "Xlab Aqua Shot Racing Water Bottle" for two years now and like it a lot. It is basically a regular water bottle but the valve on top allows it to be stored on its side without leaking
  • Increasing Run Mileage

    I have found that I can do 40 plus miles a week of running with lots of long slow distance and I have had no problems with injury. It has hurt my speed a bit, but i can grind out a lot of distance in training, the plus side is no injuries, i feel good racing 70.3's. But after a few years of training this way I do realize that I need to put a little more speed work in.

    Yes, its all one big experiment. Have fun with it.

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