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  • Your Specialized bike is a death trap

    Not surprised. I've had three separate recalls from Specialized. First was the Shiv seat post bolt collars that were slipping out of the frame. Had my LBS send the frame back and got a new one. Was out a bike for a few weeks. Next was the shiv aero bars recall. They were snapping and causing accidents. The new design sucks. Your reach was limited and fucked up any kind of fit you had. At least we got a $50 gift card for that. Lastly, I got one of the first batches of their short tail aero tt helmets. I got a personal email saying I had to send it back due to quality issues. Glad I hadn't crashed in it. Btw, they didnt have a replacement for a few months. No compensation for lost time or the hassle of sending the shit back due to their poor quality. The best solution I found was not to buy their shit any more. Rant over.
  • Ask A Nuke Tech Anything

    Yucca mountain is one of the most studied site in the world. We've blown $9 billion dollars in analyzing it. But back in 2006, Nevada's senator Harry Reid became the house majority leader. He was quoted to say he would do everything in his power to stop yucca mountain. His reasoning was NIMBY (not in my backyard).
    It's been shelved ever since.
  • Ask A Nuke Tech Anything

    What do you do with all the spent fuel rods? And how often do they need to be replaced.
    Like Shugster said, they're stored on site until we build a central depository like Yucca Mountain. Yet again, your government is screwing over you, the tax payer. The federal government has assumed the responsibility of the spent waste from our plants and the construction of a central depository. In turn, our utilities pay a fee to fund this. However, the department of energy has missed its milestones to set up a central depository, so utilities and states are suing and winning hundreds of millions of dollars for the cost of storing their waste on site. Of course, you, the taxpayer, is paying for this.
    Your government is more incompetent than homer:


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