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  • Your Specialized bike is a death trap

    @NHetro that's some wild stuff. I've seen some old school-ish bike dudes (myself included) getting made fun of for harping on simplicity and liking designs that don't have a lot of moving parts... and then some shit like this recall happens. Everyone is trying to find these crazy high-tech ways to add suspension, when you could just ride bigger tires, or a nice steel fork that requires zero maintenance and won't break.
    I hear ya. Ive gone of the way of a minimalist approach on the bike as well. 1x11. Only a BTA bottle. If I dont need it, it's not on my bike.
  • Your Specialized bike is a death trap

    Not surprised. I've had three separate recalls from Specialized. First was the Shiv seat post bolt collars that were slipping out of the frame. Had my LBS send the frame back and got a new one. Was out a bike for a few weeks. Next was the shiv aero bars recall. They were snapping and causing accidents. The new design sucks. Your reach was limited and fucked up any kind of fit you had. At least we got a $50 gift card for that. Lastly, I got one of the first batches of their short tail aero tt helmets. I got a personal email saying I had to send it back due to quality issues. Glad I hadn't crashed in it. Btw, they didnt have a replacement for a few months. No compensation for lost time or the hassle of sending the shit back due to their poor quality. The best solution I found was not to buy their shit any more. Rant over.
  • Let's See Your Critters

    So far, her victims have been nameless...

    And yes, shes named after Coure d'Alene. At least it's not Kona.
  • Ask A Nuke Tech Anything

    That Brown Ferry accident was a shit show. It happened back in the 70s. The guys were testing for air seal leaks near the cabling that control the emergency shut down equipment. They were smart enough to have redundant cabling so if one fails you're not screwed. But they werent smart enough to separate the cables so a common cause failure couldnt occur. So to test the air seals they used a candle and watched if the flame reacted to any drafts. Welp, the guy caught some foam seals on fire and they couldn't put it out initially. They were able to shut down and avoid a meltdown. Still, that's some stupid shit.
  • Ask A Nuke Tech Anything

    Have you ever met Cyber Awareness Jeff IRL?

    That looks like fun. Most of my training looks like an elaborate PowerPoint presentation. "Click this button to learn more about yadda yadda..."
    Phishing emails is the big concern now. Our own company test spanms us with an emails to see if we click on them or enter a password. If you fuck up too many times, they can fire you.
    What's more exciting is the yearly force-on-force exercises that they hold at power plants. The NRC mandates a yearly test where ex navy seals/military attempt to penetrate the plant. They outfit the security team that's conducting the exercise with laser guns and vests. Theres another security that ensures security while the other one is conducting the test. A nuclear power plant is the last place you would want to attack.

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