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  • Savage Takedowns

    Ben asked for questions for the Sarah True interview. Our @AaronWebstey had the last laugh when Ben tried to give him shit:
    MartinKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebstey1_Hot_PretzelMattGasBombRobert RankinCraig_DTad_Mslickfins_Ryan
  • Bereda Training - coming in 2019

    As a self coached athlete, I'd like this. I want to use my training plan that I know works and just feedback when I have questions or when I think something isnt going right or could be better.
  • Savage Takedowns

    Looks like ST is looking for your input:

    Ah, the good old days.
    The number of people on the ST forum that are unaware that there is a homepage with articles is awesome. Every time it comes up in the forum I imagine Herbert crying a little.
    Or there's the people on ST that think Dan is the emperor of triathletes. See below. The context is Dan wrote an article concerning ITUs recent rule revision of banning flags of sexual orientation. ITU quickly repealed the revision due to the overwhelming backclash. At least Dan's response was humble.

    AaronWebsteyMartinJennifer PostKenElPescadoPeladoCraig_Dmaggieru
  • Your Specialized bike is a death trap

    @NHetro that's some wild stuff. I've seen some old school-ish bike dudes (myself included) getting made fun of for harping on simplicity and liking designs that don't have a lot of moving parts... and then some shit like this recall happens. Everyone is trying to find these crazy high-tech ways to add suspension, when you could just ride bigger tires, or a nice steel fork that requires zero maintenance and won't break.
    I hear ya. Ive gone of the way of a minimalist approach on the bike as well. 1x11. Only a BTA bottle. If I dont need it, it's not on my bike.
  • Your Specialized bike is a death trap

    Not surprised. I've had three separate recalls from Specialized. First was the Shiv seat post bolt collars that were slipping out of the frame. Had my LBS send the frame back and got a new one. Was out a bike for a few weeks. Next was the shiv aero bars recall. They were snapping and causing accidents. The new design sucks. Your reach was limited and fucked up any kind of fit you had. At least we got a $50 gift card for that. Lastly, I got one of the first batches of their short tail aero tt helmets. I got a personal email saying I had to send it back due to quality issues. Glad I hadn't crashed in it. Btw, they didnt have a replacement for a few months. No compensation for lost time or the hassle of sending the shit back due to their poor quality. The best solution I found was not to buy their shit any more. Rant over.

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