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  • A week in Nashville

    @Brew_Tri Where'd you go for hot chicken?
    hattie bs
    for bbq we did a few places
  • A week in Nashville

    Thanks for all the recommendations. I had an amazing time!
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    No question @Brew_Tri , just showing a beer to the experts. As far as stouts go, I will not order this again.
    Peanut butter is tough to get right. I usually stick with no extra shit beers. Low risk moves make me happier
    ellsworth53tMartinTad_MachrowiczCraig D
  • You favorite athletic podcasts?

    I find endurance athletes to be a bit long winded and monotonous(ba-dum-tis).

    Endurance Podcasts:
    The GCN Show-Not a podcast but still a good 20 min every week recapping cycling

    Other Stuff:
    All Fantasy Everything: A group of comedians that draft the real world(Taco bell menu items, rap albums, and the like)
    Doug Loves Movies: Also a bunch of comedians doing movie trivia
    ID10T: Rebranded Nerdist podcast with pretty cool interviews on all topics in pop culture
    Master Brewers Podcast: Uhhh self explanatory.
  • 2018 Goals and Challenges

    Congrats Mitch!

    My 2018 Goals:

    -Develop some kind of consistency in my life.(I've moved 13 times and had 5 different jobs in the past 5 years.)
    -Be more positive!
    -Run an Ultra Marathon(Debating between 50k and 50 miles, race suggestions welcome!)
    -Travel to a new city every month! Also taking suggestions! January=Sedona, AZ

    2018 Race List
    Sedona Half Marathon
    70.3 Madison WI
    AG Nats in Cleveland
    An unknown Ultra!

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